Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st May 2018 Written Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st May 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st May 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tai ji asking Naina and Preeti to take bags inside. Preeti takes bag inside. Vishaka gets fine. Dadi says you seems to be better now. Vishaka asks Bobby why he didn’t go to office. He says I can’t go until you becomes fine. Vishaka asks Rohan why he didn’t go to school. Rohan says I can’t go until you get well. Dadi says he was with you all night and says few children are trouble for their parents, and says you are fine because of Rohan’s prayers. She taunts Sameer. Dadi asks Rohan to take care of Vishaka and make her fine. Sameer stops himself from going to her room. Vishaka looks for Sameer.

Bela keeps Naina’s trophy and says we shall get big show case made soon. Preeti says one day she will also get trophy. Bela says don’t know when that day

will come. She asks what happened to Naina? Preeti says Naina got upset as you scolded me. Preeti says may be Sameer didn’t get the letter. Naina says she will call Sameer. They go to PCO to call Sameer. She calls on Amrita’s number and asks about her letter. Amrita says they were away on vacation and that’s why he didn’t get the letter. She calls Sameer. Sameer doesn’t want to talk to her. teri yaad aati hai song plays. Sameer cries. Amrita tells Naina that it seems he is not at home. Naina says ok, bye. Amrita thinks don’t know what happened to Sameer. Preeti asks Naina not to think much. Naina says atleast he would have talked to me on phone and says don’t know until when I can’t see him.
Naina’s voiceover tells that even Arjun and Shefali’s love story took a break because of long distance relationship, as she went for vacation. Shefali returns home. Arjun checks watch and is restless. Tai ji asks what happened? Arjun says Shefali and says she comes to teach Pralay. He says if she tells then I will tell her to check Pralay’s book. Tai ji says ok. Arjun comes to balcony and sees Shefali waving bye to someone. He gets upset. She comes to Tai ji’s house and asks about Arjun. She tells that she wants to tell Arjun that she teaches him maths nicely, but then also he had mistakes in his book.

Shefali comes to the market and tries to talk to Arjun. Arjun gets upset. He collides with the guy and gets angry on him. She introduces him as great cricketer Arjun. Guy introduces himself as Tarun and says Shefali told so much about you. Arjun is upset and says she didn’t tell me about you. Shefali says he is not my friend, but my cousin who came to talk to me. Arjun is relieved. Shefali asks what did you think? Arjun says cousin and asks her to take him home. Shefali asks Tarun to carry her bag and follows Arjun. Naina’s voiceover tells that Arjun did something on road which he can never expect to do. He thinks why did I get jealous from him and thinks I am in love with her. Shefali comes there. Arjun tells I love Shefali. Shefali hears him. He says I love Shefali…Shefali hears him happily and smiles.

Sameer tries to peep in Vishaka’s room. She coughs. Sameer switches on light so that Bobby woke up. Bobby wakes up and makes her drink water. Sameer’s voiceover tells that his maa and naina were deeply hurt with his behavior.

Dadi tells Vishaka that she got fine because of Bobby and Rohan’s care. Keshav brings something. Vishaka asks about Sameer. Keshav says he went to school. Vishaka asks if he is fine, since I got unwell, he is not talking to me and is silent. Dadi says he is busy with friends and asks her to have tomato soup. Sameer comes there. Vishaka sees him, coughs and says you came so early. Dadi stops Sameer from coming near Vishaka and smiles. His voiceover tells that Nana ji used to say that there was no fun if there is no pain in life. He says I thought not to meet naina again and she was longing to meet me. Zindagi pyaar ka geet hai plays….naina writes letter to Sameer. Sameer cries. Naina applies lipstick to her lips and kisses on the letter.

Naina and Preeti give jalebi to Munna and pandit. Munna shows letter and asks for more. Tai ji asks if they had so fast.

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