Veera 4th June 2015 Written Update

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Veera 4th June 2015 Written Update by Amena

Veera 4th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Baldev asking Veera about Gunjan. Veera says she wants to be alone. Baldev says when loved ones are in pain, we should not leave them alone. He goes to Gunjan. Preeto is going somewhere alone. Baldev pacifies Gunjan and encourages her. She says I wanted to be with Ranvi, and people laughed on me. Baldev says she has sung infront of many people. He says the one who laughs on himself does not care for other’s laugh, come with me, we will sit with everyone and laugh well, we will face them. Ranvi and Geet sing Jogiya ve jogiya………

Baldev asks Gunjan to sit with him. She says no, I will stand here and see. He says fine, as you wish. Preeto’s mum in law asks someone for help and calls Veera. She tells her about Preeto and Veera gets worried. Baldev asks her to come and meet the MLA. Veera says leave me, I have to find Preeto, tell him whats going on in your pind. MLA asks him about his wife, he has heard she is educated. Baldev says she had some work. Preeto goes to commit suicide. Baldev says he will make him meet later and thinks Veera did not do this right. Preetos sees a tall tree and throws the rope.

Veera looks for her. Preeto gets sad and recalls the problems. Baldev leaves to find Veera. Veera calls out Preeto. Baldev comes there and is shocked seeing Preeto hanging to the rope. He holds her feet and tries to bring her down. Veera comes there and is shocked. Baldev and Veera try to wake her up. He says its good he came on time. She says we have to take care to hospital. They rush to the hospital. Veera calls Preeto’s mum in law and tells everything. Veera says nothing will happen to her.

Ratan tells Ranvi about Preeto’s suicide and MLA also goes with them to see hr. The people gossip that sarpanch did not help her and poor Preeto had to do this. Balwant asks Geet to take Deepu and go home, we all are going to hospital. The doctor treats Preeto and tries to make her recover breath. Ratan pacifies Preetom’s family. MLA talks to Baldev and scolds him for not managing pind well, it was pind matter and Preeto asked help from panchayat, he did not help her. Baldev says he will do anything to help her, and prays that she gets well.

Veera thinks she should have spoke to Preeto and give her strength. Baldev comes to her and Veera asks him to go. He says he regrets for this. She says what will happen if he regrets, will she get fine, I requested you so much, you did not listen to me, you felt I m letting you down, and you ignored her, he is responsible for all this, I got the pind problems so that he solves it and becomes a good sarpanch, he neglected Preeto’s matter, is he happy now. He says I m very ashamed. She says will this make her fine, if anything happens to Preeto, then I will never forgive you. She cries and holds him responsible. He says you will tell her children about her. Everyone look on.

Ratan says Veera you should not talk like this to Baldev, its not good to shout on him infront of everyone. Veera says yes, he is responsible, he did not help Preeto as he felt I m showing him down. Baldev recalls Preeto’s request. The media comes and starts asking him why did he not help Preeto, does he not help anyone, will he resign from sarpanch post. He says he will not say anything to defend himself, he will get justice for Preeto. Baldev hears people saying he should resign and gets stunned.

Ratan tells police inspector that Preeto was helpless, she want to take help from a person, who did not help her, he is a devil and points to the sahukar.

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  1. Mahadev Desai
    June 04, 21:50 Reply

    A very good episode. Baldev had it coming. Hope Preeto recovers. Sahukar needs to be jailed.

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