Veera 16th July 2013 Written Update

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Veera 16th July 2013 Written Update by euphoric

Veera 16th July 2013 Written Episode

Ranvi cheers Veer and Ranveera along with Nihal goes to Balwant’s house for studies. The kids sits for studies and Veera tries to pull Baldev’s leg. Nihal stops her and seeking an opportunity Baldev makes an excuse and goes to out of the room. Bansuri tries to flirt with Nihal but Balwant comes in time.

Nihal asks Ranvi to call Baldev. When Ranvi leaves, Veera too goes out to drink water. Baldev tries to seek in Balwant’s room and steal money from his cupboard. Veera sees this and thinks he’s trying to hide from Nihal to excape studies. She tries to pull Baldev back by tugging on his shirt. Baldev pushes Veera to free himself and Veera falls back and starts crying. Ranvi, Nihal and Gunjan reaches there and so does Bansuri and Balwant. Balwant confronts Baldev of stealing some money from the envelopes. Bansuri sees the envelope addressed to some Chanchali and is angry.

Nihal takes Ranveera from there and Balwant tries to confront Baldev but Bansuri sends the kids out and confronts Balwant regarding the envelopes.

Ranvi and Nihal teaches the importance of trust to Veera and explains how taking money from Balwant’s cupboard without his knowledge was a theft that Baldev was committing. Veera asks Nihal if he’s ever broken anyone’s trust. Nihal remembers Sampooran’s last words and is disturbed. He excuses himself asking kids to go home. Ranvi senses that Nihal is upset and follows him. He sees Nihal sitting all by himself and tries to coax him into sharing his troubles.

Ranvi and Veera are going out to play and Ranvi informs about it to Ratan who asks them to return before sunset. Veera taking this opportunity tries to talk to Ratan while Ranvi and Chaiji looks on.

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  1. Sonya
    July 16, 18:48 Reply

    A very nice episode. Teaching children to do what is right and on trust. Veera is a sweet girl ideal for the role she is playing. Ranveer acts really well. Good story – loved by my family. Ratan / Chaichai – Bravo!

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