Suryaputra Karn 31st March 2016 Written Update

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Suryaputra Karn 31st March 2016 Written Update by MA

Suryaputra Karn 31st March 2016 Written Episode

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Duryodhan gambles with Shakuni and asks if he is not confident of them winning that he sent peace treaty request to Pandavs via their messenger. Shakuni says he will call trickster Krishna and will trap him.

Messenger Sanjay with Vidur goes to Pandavs and informs about peace treaty to them and Krishna. Krishna gives some moral gyaan to Sanjay that once he sees the truth, he will change. He asks Yudistra if he will agree for peace treaty. Yudistra says he is happy to accept peace treaty as it is coming from Bhism and Dhritastra, but it should be agreed by his brothers and Panchali. Vidur says Yudistra that he is confident that Pandavs will accept peace treaty.

Laxmana comes to meet Vrishaen and requests him to convince Samb not to participate in war as he is standing against Krishna in war. Vrishasen says whichever side Samb is, he will help Samb. She says both ways, her family is in danger and requests again to convince Samb. Vrishasen says he will help Samb as he is on Kaurav’s side. Laxmana she thought he would help, but her decision was wrong. She walks out. Vrishasen thinks nobody can stop war now.

Panchali comes to Pandavs and asks why should they accept peace treaty and spare Duryodhan. Yudistra says he remembers herinsult by Yudistra, but it is a matter of lakhs of lives. She asks what about dharma and promise he made to her, asks what about Bheem. Bheem says he did not forget anything and wants war, but wants her to decide as proposal came from Dhritarastra and Bhism. She says he forgot that they both were present when she was insulted and they all took oath to destroy Kauravs after vanvas, but they are forgetting everything. Arjun says she has right to reject this offer. She says she will consult friend Vasudev before taking any decision. Yudistra says he is getting ready to head towards Hastinapur. She asks why. Bheem says as peace messenger from Pandavs.

Krishna gets into his chariot and leaves. Draupadi runs and calls him. Krishna comes from behind and asks if she is angry on him. She says she thought he left. He says how can he go without meeting his friend and says he knows she has many questions in her mind and she can speak, he promises to answer each question. She asks why was he going to Hastinapur with peace treaty forgetting his friend’s insult. He did not even ask her opinion. He says he knows her decision and promises her wish and motto will be fulfilled, so he is going to Hastinapur. He is going as offer came from Hastinapur first and nobody should tell Pandavs attacked without answering peace treaty. She says she is not convinced with his answer. He says he promised to answer her questions, but satisfaction is up to her. He then leaves.

Karn prepares bow at home. Vrishasen comes. Supriya asks Karn to stop Vrishasen from attending battle. Karn says Vrishasen that he shot him on his chest and it hit near his shoulder as his bow is not stable. He gives bow and says with this his attack will be stable. Vrishasen accepts it emotionally.

Precap: Shakuni says Duryodhan once trickster Krishna comes, they will capture him. Krishna gets down from his chariot and enters palace.

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