Shakti 22nd March 2018 Written Update

Shakti 22nd March 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Shakti 22nd March 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Soumya coming to Harak and giving him a phone. She asks are you calling on this number. She recalls hearing Harak on the call. He gets shocked. She keeps the phone and says my relation is connected with Harman first, I won’t leave till he ends the relation, he loves me a lot, he has fought with the world for me, how can I lose and leave from his life, I would have not come back if Harman did all this. She leaves.

Preeto asks where is Soumya. Nani says bathroom. Soumya comes. Surbhi feeds her. Preeto asks her where was she. Soumya takes the plate and eats hastily. She lies to them that she was behind the temple. Preeto asks her is she trying to save someone. Soumya says I m saying truth. Preeto understands Soumya is hiding someone’s sin by her lie. Saaya and kinners have

a talk about Kareena and Raveena. Saaya says Kareena can take anyone’s life but by some motive, maybe someone told her, Harak would have told her. She asks them not to worry, they will face the problem together. Soumya comes to her room. She sees Harman sleeping and cries. She says I wish your anger ends for me, you know that I m mad in your love, forgive me, don’t trouble me so much, I know you have love for me in your heart. Its morning, Preeto prays and says show me the way, help me so that I can help Soumya. Harman answers a call. The girl says Aloo ka paratha.
He says then go and eat it. She asks Sarson ka saag and laughs. He says this is a house, not any dhaba. She asks don’t you remember anything. He says my memory is weak. She says even your maths was weak 20 years ago. He asks who are you. She reminds him and laughs. He says Jasleen. She says who else can it be. He asks where were you all these years. She says I m reaching you in evening. He says I will come to pick you. She says don’t take tension, I will come. He calls out Preeto. He asks do you remember Jasleen. She says yes, that cute naughty girl. He says I m happy after a long time, but you don’t care for me. Harak says I remember your friend. Harman says my special friend is coming, decorate the house and cook food. Soumya says sure, we will do arrangements. Harman says you don’t do anything. She says I m really happy. Preeto scolds Harman.

He asks Soumya to stop. He keeps bowl over her head. He pours down some pearls on the floor. He asks her to pick the pearls and fill the bowl, and the bowl shouldn’t fall down. Preeto asks what nonsense ways are you finding to trouble her. Harman says I m passing time, why do you care. Harak smiles. Soumya picks pearls. Its evening, Jasleen walks in. Rose petals shower on her. She smiles and sees Harman. Everyone smiles. Harman and Jasleen start bonding. Soumya looks on. Harman asks Jasleen does she remember everyone. Jasleen hugs Preeto. She reminds childhood incidents. Preeto says you are still a chatterbox, you didn’t change. Jasleen says I have one life and have simple funda to speak the heart out, you got more hot and happening. Preeto smiles.

Jasleen greets Harak and says you are like my buddy, you always saved me from dad’s scolding, dad didn’t change and gets much angry on me. Harak says come with me, I will see him. She says not now. Jasleen bonds with everyone. Jasleen greets Soumya and asks who is she.

Harman says call your Nani and ask her to take you home, I can’t show fake love. Soumya says I won’t leave, I won’t lose, I love you and can accept anything.

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