Satrangee Sasural 30th April 2015 Written Update

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Satrangee Sasural 30th April 2015 Written Update by Rimjhim

Satrangee Sasural 30th April 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Gautam’s parents are worried to get the carpet out and try to do so stealthily. As they manage to take it out, they wait for the auto, while inside, harpreet shows arushi, gautam’s parents disguised as labourers, caught in the video. She is tensed. narmada and mini reprimand arushi for this, while adding that they wont forgive her, if anything happens to nilima. all others are boggled. As the auto arrives, they are about to pick up the carpet, when they find gautam coming in. they walk past him, but he recognises them. They drop the carpet in scare and then leave hastily in the auto. gautam stands bofggled as they flee. arushi, vihaan and others come out, while she points out his parents were seen in disguise here. narmada reprimands him that his parents did something to Nilima, and he too was involved. she reprimands arushi also that her decision was completely immature, and she wont ever forgive her. guatma says that he doesnt know at all. Granny wonders that if gautam is right, then nilima is hidden somewhere here. They start searching around. Arushi almost collides into the carpet, and notices a piece of cloth hanging outside the rolled carpet. Arushi recognises the dupatta as nilima’s. She points this to vihaan, who untags it. As they roll out the carpet, they find an unconscious Nilima lying in it, while gautam too is shocked. vihaan goes into a state of shock, while others are distraught and apalled. arushi is tensed to see vihaan’s reaction. They try and wake her up. Granny asks if she is okay. he is unable to answer. nilima doesnt wake up despite several efforts. Vihaan finally breaks out, asking her to stop it, as its her fault after all. She asks him not to get emotional and be practical. She tries to nudge her awake, and she gives nilima chest compressions, and nilima finally wakes up much to everyone’s relief. All are relieved. They carry her inside.

Inside, all get to reprimand gautam and arushi, for this condition of nilima, who is unable to speak. narmada asks gautam to get out, and asks arushi also to straighten herself and not take big decisions. Granny asks narmada to calm down. narmada says that her decision is wrong, and this time she wont comply. Arushi tries to speak, but narmada shuts her up saying that with time, all people dont change. Narmada says that nilima could have died, and if people changed with time, they all wouldnt be alone today. narmada senses everyone’s silence, and says that so be it, but this marriage shall not happen. All are shocked, while she asks arushi not to interfere in her decision. She asks gautam to get lost. Arushi apologises but stands up and says that she cant do this. narmada says that her decision and her effort was wrong, and she cant risk nilima’s life, and hence cant approve this marriage. Arushi asks why is she punishing him for something that his family is guilty of. She says that if it had been so, then she should be thrown out too for what her father did to the family. Granny asks narmada the same question. Harpreet and geeta too side with arushi. Narmada is frustrated. Nuilima gets emotional as she hears all this. she finally gets up, and tells narmada that she is the eldest, but this is her decision, and she wants him. narmada tries to speak. Nilima says that she doesnt want to see the negative, and doesntwant to die in suffocation, thinking that she didnt give herself a second chance. Nilima says that love can solve any problem, and she wants to give once chance to her love. narmada gets upset and walks out. All are tensed. granny asks gautam not to mind narmada’s stinging words, and prepare for the marriage. Outside, narmada hears this tensedly. Mini too thinks that granny is taking the wrong decision, and that she shall soon prove that he isnt a changed man. gautam comes to granny, and promsies her that after what happened today, he wont let it ever happen again. All are tensed, while granny smiles at him.

Granny comes to narmada and takes her hand. she says that the belief and trust that they have on each other has strengthened their relationship, and has emboldened her to go ahead with big decisions, and that today nothing matters more than Nilima’s happiness, and requests her to have faith on her and her decision. She pleads to narmada not to leave her alone in this decision and asks her to agree to this, and be by her side. Narmada thinks that she has always stood by her, but today convinced by arushi, she isnt taking the right decision and she shall not support her. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vihaan apologises sto arushi for his outbreak, while she says that it was just his love for nilima. He says that due to his outburst, narmada too reprimanded her. She says that she too was tensed for nilima only. He says that he cant thank her enough. She tells that he doesnt need as its her family too. He gets overwhelmedn with emotions, and kisses her on the lips. Granny sees this and is tensed. Arushi too is taken aback and is in shock.

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  1. Sidney
    April 30, 23:14 Reply

    This gautam should immediately hand-over his parents to the police!!! They are simply despicable! And Narmada stop abusing aarushi in every single matter u dumb woman…u are no better than those Vatsal sisters!

    April 30, 22:29 Reply


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