Sarojini 16th January 2016 Written Update

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Sarojini 16th January 2016 Written Update by H_Hasan

Sarojini 16th January 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with Tarika alleging Sarojini that she married her student for money and ruined his life. Soumendra interferes, but Tarika shouts even at him and shuts his mouth. Dadaji interferes and shouts not to get family’s secrets out. She shouts even at him. Sarojini runs to her room. Soumendra follows her and tries to console her. She insists him to go back to Delhi and pursue his studies. He resists and says Tarika will trouble her. She says she know how to tackle Tarika nd she does not want anyone allege her to spoil his life.

Samar asks Indira what did she tell Sarojini and lashes her with hunter. She jumps in pain. He holds her legs and cries that she forced her to punish him and says she should not disclose his secret to anyone.

Nirjhara enters Soumendra and Sarojini’s room. Soumendra asks her to explain Sarojini not to send him from here. Nirjhara says Sarojini is an intelligent girl and is right. He says he will go only with her. Sarojini says she wants to stay here and take care of family.

In the morning, Sarojini with Indira goes to kitchen and sees Tarika preparing snacks and asks what is she doing. Tarika says she is preparing snacks for Soumendra and starts yelling at her. Sarojini takes out snacks and other food items form cupboard and says it is her decision to send Soumendra to Delhi and she knows her responsibilities well, she prepared all these yesterday night itself. Once she leaves, Tarika thinks she also knows her responsibilities and will shatter this house soon, she is the one who forced her to send Soumendra away from here.

Sarojini consoles Soumendra, hugs him and says she wants him to be well educated. She kisses his cheek emotionally and they both hug.

Soumendra greets each family member, takes elder’s blessings. Tarika orders to take even her blessings. He takes blessings and leaves waving goodbye.

Precap: Tarika ties Sapna in cow shed and says if she stays with cows for 1 week, she will be come fertile like cows. Sarojini says it is injustice and she will not let any woman suffer like this.

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