Prithvi Vallabh 17th February 2018 Written Update

Prithvi Vallabh 17th February 2018 Written Update by H Hasan

Prithvi Vallabh 17th February 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Old woman seeing Gajkesari when she got Prithvi. She is shocked and says Gajkesari. She tells Prithvi about Gajkesari’s world and says nobody know about it. She says may be you have Gajkesari’s blood in you. Prithvi wipes his tears. Kalari tells Rasniti that they have to search Prithvi. He asks his horse to call Prithvi and asks Rasniti to go and stay with Maharaj Singhdant for his protection. Rasniti goes.

Manyakheta sena are shown. Senapati of Manyakheta tells Tailap that Prithvi is not here, and Sindhu stopped Kalari to fighting war. Tailap says he will take Singhdant’s head for Akka/Mrinal. Sindhu asks his soldiers to release arrows and attack. Both of the soldiers team fights. Prithvi tells Old woman that he wants to go to Gajkesari if his destiny is related
to it. Old woman says your destiny is here, else Gajkesari wouldn’t have sent you, your life is complete and completes here. She asks him to become Raja/King. Just then Prithvi sees his horse coming there and understands Malwa is in danger, he tells old woman that now he needs to go to Malwa, but one day he will go to find his identity.

Tailap and Sindhu fight with each other. Sindhu falls down. Tailap is about to kill him by his sword, just then Prithvi comes with his sena and Kalari and save Sindhu. They kill Tailap’s soldiers. Tailap is shocked. He goes to attack Prithvi, but Prithvi kicks him and keeps sword on his head. Sindhu asks Prithvi to kill Tailap and let their land taste his death. Prithvi says no and tells that they will arrest him and let the maharaj decide his punishment. He says the defeated warrior is almost like dead.

Sindhu says did we come to fight a war or to arrest him. Once we arrest him, we can’t kill him. Prithvi says war is not meant to kill others, as it means victory. He says it is not right. Kalari tells Prithvi that he is sure, he will come for Malwa. Prithvi says Malwa’s land is my respect. Kalari says I am proud of you. Prithvi says Tailap Raj is Manyakheta’s Raja, you shall arrest him and take him back to Malwa. Kalari says ok. Prithvi asks Sindhu to give his verdict. Maharaj Singhdant comes there to fight in war. Prithvi says you are here in this condition. Singhdant says I can bear the sword weight, but can’t let malwa defeated. He says I am thankful to you, and says your name will be written in history with golden words and praises him. Prithvi says whatever I am today is because of you. Maharaj Singhdant says Ineeds a promise from you. Prithvi says you can ask me anything, but don’t ask me to return. Singhdant says you belongs to Malwa, and says I can’t handle this land alone and wants to retire. He announces him as the King of Malwa. Prithvi says I can’t handle this big responsibility and asks him to relieve from the promise. Sindhu is shocked. Singhdant says only you can handle Malwa, so that it is safe etc. He say only you can do this. Prithvi turns and sees Singhdant sitting down and offering his crown. Prithvi recalls Old woman’s words. All soldiers cheer for him. Prithvi takes crown in his hand.

Sulochana informs Mrinal that they have lost the war. Mrinal is angry. Prithvi comes in the Darbar and tells Maharani that she also gave him love and guidance. Maharani says I hope that you will take care of Malwa and your behavior will not change after sitting in Raj Singhasan. She says I hope you will give respect to Sindhu as your younger brother and will protect him too. Prithvi tells Sindhu that it is helplessness that he is sitting on singhasan and tells that it is Singhdant’s decision, it was never his thought or wish. Sindhu apologizes to Singhdant for his behavior and tells Prithvi that today he understood his words. They hug each other. Singhdant says I am proud of you, and tells that you are a good son, even I did a mistake not to realize your worth. Sindhu gives his best wishes to Prithvi on becoming King. Mrinal is going with Sulochana, Guru Aditya and Bhilamp Raj stop her. Bhilamp Raj says tailap is arrested, and not killed. Mrinal says it is big insult than death, it would have been better to die rather than getting arrested. Jakala is shocked. Guru Aditya says what is important is his life and asks her not to think about insult. He asks her to give sword. Mrinal gives sword to Guru Aditya.

Maharani does Prithvi’s attire. Singhdant makes him wear crown and gives sword in his hand. He says he has to be present in the first Sabha of the new Raja and says it is a ritual.

Guru Aditya tells Mrinal that everyone is worried for Tailap. He says it is everyone’s insult as they arrested Tailap. Bhilamp Raj says how did this happen? Guru Aditya says Prithvi Vallabh has arrested him, else no warrior have this courage. It was his decision to arrest him. Bhilamp Raj asks who gave him right to decide. Guru Aditya says Singhdant made him king. Mrinal says it is his conspiracy.

At Prithvi’s court, Prithvi asks soldiers to free Tailap and asks him to sit. Maha Kaay is angry. Mrinal says she wants to do war and asks Guru Aditya to give her sword. Jakala asks what she wants and says Tailap is her husband. Mrinal says he is my brother and my parents’ son too. Jakala says how you will know about a husband and asks her to kill her also if Tailap gets killed.

Maha Kaay gives his best (actually bad) wishes to Prithvi and says I have to ask you this question, what is your decision to do this behavior with enemy. Prithvi says who told you that Tailap Raj is our enemy and says he is our yudh bandhi. Maha Kaay says if anyone tries to destroy Malwa then if they are not enemy. He says Tailap and his son Mrinal shall get death punishment. Prithvi says it is not a solution and asks if we give death to him, then if everything will be alright. Maha Kaay asks if he wants to send Tailap back to Manyakheta. Prithvi says yes and says he has a proposal.

A messenger gives Prithvi’s letter to Mrinal. Mrinal reads it angrily with tearful eyes. Guru Aditya also reads it aloud that Tailap will be freed if Manyakheta is ready to give the money for the victims who died and injured due to Mrinal’s attack and that malwa wishes friendship and not enmity. Mrinal gives wealth keys to Maharani and asks to bring Tailap safely. Bhilamp Raj says he will go and bring him back.

Vilas comes to Guru Aditya and tells that Mrinal is crying. He goes there. Mrinal tells him that why Tailap has no courage to fight and asks why his blood is not like her, if he forgot how their parents, sister get killed. She cries badly.

Bhilamp Raj goes to Malwa. Senapati Kalari welcomes him as Devgiri Raja. Bhilamp Raj tells that he came to take Tailap. Kalari tells that Manyakheta wants war and Malwa wants peace. He asks him to make two empires unite. Bhilamp Raj says your words have won my heart. Bhilamp Raj comes to court. Prithvi says you can take him to Manyakheta safely with all respect. Tailap says I didn’t ask you to arrest me and not to kill me, and asks him not to show fake friendship. Sindhu says I will kill you. Prithvi stops him and asks Kalari to bid him bye with respect and safety. Vilas tells Jakala that Mrinal is missing., Guru Aditya searches her, but couldn’t find her.

Sulochana and Mrinal are in the ship. Mrinal asks where did we reach. She thinks Prithvi’s kaal is coming and she will kill him for arresting Tailap.

Singhdant asks Prithvi to end the enmity between Malwa and Manyakheta. Prithvi promises him. Sulochana says we have reached Africa. Mrinal faints as the African soldiers look at her.

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