Million Dollar Girl 12th June 2015 Written Update

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Million Dollar Girl 12th June 2015 Written Update by Ansari

Million Dollar Girl 12th June 2015 Written Episode

Virat tells Yamini that he loves Avanti,,Yamini tries to cut her hand..Virat some how manages and tries to catch Yamini.Virat throws the knife away…
Virat tells that Loves happen and he loves Avanti..Avanti love the way didnt changed Virat..Virat leaves Yamini..Yamini falls..DJ comes and sits and cries..Bhuwan asks what happeened??DJ tells that Sumit try to take her advantage..Bhuwan tells that in this profession this type of people are there..DJ tells taht she should give up then??DJ tells she did a mistake coming here..DJ goes…Kavya sleeps..Ranvijay comes and sees Kavya..Alarm rings..Kavya closes it..Kavya sees Ranvijay..Kavya and Ranvijay looks at each other..Ranvijaj proper’s Kavya hair..Ranvijay kiss Kavya’s hand..Kavya feels shy..Ranvijay kiss Kavya on forhead..Kavya feels shy..At Vicky’s dhaaba DJ calls many people but many refuses..Vicky comes and asks what happened??DJ cries..DJ tells Vicky that she cannot fullfil her dream of becoming DJ..DJ tells that she gone many studios but no one accepted..One person said that he want five lakhs then will record DJ’s song..Vicky tells that he will give five lakh rupees..DJ tells no..Vicky tells that DJ also fought with her dreams So why not this time..Vicky tells okay..Vicky tells he is DJ’s childhood friend..DJ agrees…Vicky hugs DJ..DJ tells thanks..Bhuwan comes and tells DJ to come..DJ tells no she will not come..DJ tells Vicky agreed to give her money and one is Bhuwan..Dj tells that no one can replace best friends..Yamini packs her bag..Virat comes and asks where Yamini is going..Yamini tells that she is happy that she came Banaras..Yamini tells that she loves Virat alot..Yamini tells that If Virat needed to call her…Yamini hugs Virat..Yamini tells no one was back of her She just made that plan So that Virat loves him..Yamini says sorry and goes… Virat comes and calls Doctor..
Doctor tells that she talked to her senior doctor And doctor agreed and Avanti can come out of Coma..But one problem is there..Virat asks what???Doctor tells that he will charge five lakh for one day..Virat thinks..Virat agrees…Doctor tells she will call..At bank Kavya talks with client Ranvijay stands…Ranvijay comes and sits..Kavya asks what Ranvijay is doing here???Ranvijay tells that he have some work..Kavya asks what work???Ranvijay tells have some…Kavya goes..Ranvijay stops and tells atleast one coffee.Kavya tells okay..Ranvijay and kavya goes..Virat comes and tells he have to see his shares of DESI SWAG…Zubair tells Virat have lost it….Zubair tells who have gave right Virat to sell the shares..Zubair tells he known why Virat is doing all this..VIrat is doing all because of Stupid middle class Avanti…Virat shouts Zubair..Virat asks did Zubair loved anyone???Zubair thinks and tells no..Virat tells zubair wont understand..

Precap::Rajat tells Virat not to sell DESI SWAG share’s He will give the money..

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