Mastaangi 13th May 2016 Written Update

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Mastaangi 13th May 2016 Written Update by Sona

Mastaangi 13th May 2016 Written Episode

Karan was determined to go to Ishaan Singhania’s home, he wanted people he trusts else he would go alone. Ria tells Jignesh and Sohani, it’s a choice; if they don’t want to take part, they may leave. Karan asks who is there with them. They all were ready.
Veer warns them to be careful not to get caught, the security will be very tight. He asks them to start the planning today, he and Karan would enter in waiter’s dress. Jignesh must also take a get up, Karan suggests him to take the last one (Jigyasa), Jignesh says he agreed and doesn’t let him speak about it.
Euro asks Singhania the reason for party. Singhania says he kept it for him, he had a profitable business deal and it’s all his inheritance. Euro was thankful to Singhania, Singhania says if he is really thankful he must skip this party, go to Mauritius with his friends and have fun. Euro agrees. Singhania orders his man to arrange the three day holiday trip for Euro and his friends first, then plan for the party. It’s the biggest project of his life, he instructs the man to tighten the security. He must ask each of them to look in the camera, if they have the ids then allow them inside else not.
Jignesh watches Sohani dance, Sohani was upset in front of Ria and Anaita, Jignesh comes to show her some steps and teaches her a few. The girls practice with the dance steps together.
Veer and Karan come with the trunk of costume. The girls try theirs while Karan and Veer tries their costumes. Anaita practice with a few steps, Veer comes to show her a few as her couple, and orders her to concentrate.
At night, Veer sits with his father’s photo and asks for his support. He was sure he will get proofs against Singhania, they will find out what happened that night. He will bring his respect back to him.
The next day Veer works a cab driver for Ishaan’s guests. Sohani was ready and thanks Anaita for the makeup. Jignesh was jealous about their hug. Karan comes to Ria who sat in front of mirror and calls her perfect. She thanks him, and confesses he is doing a lot for her. Karan qualifies it’s for them. Ria says it’s still not proven she isn’t bad news for him. Karan tells her she isn’t bad news for him, he can go to any extent to prove it.
Euro was in no mood to go, Singhania tells him instead that he needs a vacation right now, he must go and have some fun.
Anaita awaits Veer, he comes there. She questions where he had been for so late. Veer asks if she is his girlfriend that he tells her everything. Anaita demands for car keys, she has been hungry since morning, there is no eatry nearby. He hands her a pack, she stops him and divides it in two. They both eat together. Ria and others also join them, ready to go.
Singhania welcomes his guests, Veer and Karan enters as schaffer. Ria, Anaita and Sohani as a veiled performer. Jignesh gives them a thumbs up from the car. They head inside, go through the security check up. Ria notices Karan’s moustache coming out. She comes to him in the queue hugging him, and corrects his moustache. Karan passes the security guard, but he stops him again. They were all worried, Karan turns around.

PRECAP: Ria asks Karan where the pendant is. Ishaani watches the pendant and says it can be some expert’s planning. Anaita tells Veer about the evidences. Euro shows Ishaan a magazine in which his name hadn’t even been mentioned in sport’s competition. Ishaan points the pendant, that Karan had been wearing while prize distribution.

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