Manmarziyan 25th August 2015 Written Update

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Manmarziyan 25th August 2015 Written Update by Amena

Manmarziyan 25th August 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika telling Arjun that she won’t sign the papers. Sam comes to Neil and sees him packing his stuff. Neil goes to her and asks will she turn eyes in party too. She asks why will I? He asks her to see in his eyes then. She looks at him and turns. He says love has happened. She says rubbish, it did not. He asks her to give pinky promise. She sees Arjun and says I don’t have time, I have to go to Arjun, I will see you. She leaves. Neil says she can’t give false promise, it means its right time for love, she needs a push for it, she will get it in party.

Radhika dresses in salwar suit and says she is ready. Nandini comes to her dressed in gown and says this is not Rishikesh jagran, wear this dress, its your husband’s love. Radhika refuses. Nandini says even I want so, Arjun will go to Sam then, if you can dare, wear this and come in party. Nandini leaves.

Piyali talks to Sam. Sam says its Samrat’s good idea of party, I m happy, I will show everyone that I love Arjun. Piyali says to show everyone or yourself. Sam says to show Neil. Piyali says Neil loves you. Sam says he feels I love him. Piyali says maybe. Sam says no, we are just friends, I just love Arjun. Piyali asks does Arjun love you. Sam says yes, Arjun does not want to be with Radhika, I will prove this tonight. Piyali says fine, get rady and come. Sam recalls Neil.

The party begins. Piyali asks Sam whom is she looking for, Arjun is married, let him go, you will get any good guy, and fall in love too. Sam recalls Neil’s words and says no, I don’t love anyone, I just love Arjun. Neil comes. Sam calls him idiot…. He ignores her and is accompanied by someone. Sam gets jealous seeing Neil and that girl. Nandini comes and hugs Piyali. Piyali asks about Radhika and Arjun. Nandini says Arjun will come, Radhika was taking time to come, don’t know she will come or not, what does it matter, its weird why did Samrat give this party.

Radhika looks at the dress and recalls Nandini’s words. She throws it on the bed. Radhika thinks Arjun can’t send this dress for me, its Nandini’s plan to keep me away from party, I won’t let her succeed. Sam tells Neil that this party was for friends and family. Neil says I know, so I called Sharon, she is my to be family. He introduces Sam as his friend. Sam says we are best friends. Sharon says Neil did not tell me about you. Neil asks her to help mum and sends her. Sam gets angry and asks why did you not tell her I m your GF. Neil says what would I say, a girl loves me and does not accept it, how will that Pagli feel. She asks who Pagli. He says its her nickname I kept by love. She says that girl is not your type. He says yes, as you feel you are my type.

He says accept it, there is something, you are my best friend, accept that you love me, and I will leave this Pagli, I swear. Sam says no, I don’t love you, I just love Arjun. Neil says then come in my marriage, she is waiting for me, and goes. Nandini says Sam, no use to be angry, learn to accept whats yours, Arjun is just yours, accept him today. Sam says Radhika…. Nandini says if Radhika loves her respect, she won’t come in this party, think and understand, do what you have to do.

Radhika comes there in the short black mini dress given by Nandini. People look at her. She stumbles and a man holds her. She thanks him and the man touches her hand. Arjun looks on and gets angry. He holds the man’s hand. The man says I was just helping. Arjun says she is my wife, I will help and pushes him. He asks Radhika why did she wear this dress if she is not comfortable, did she come to get herself insulted. She says fine with this insult if it can keep you away from Sam.

Radhika asks Arjun why is he not going ahead now. He says you think I will go ahead by disrespecting any girl, these clothes won’t keep me close to you. She says I don’t have such intention, we will go in party. He says everyone is waiting for Mrs. Arjun Mehra in party, and this is not that. She says I know. He says you know nothing and covers her with a cloth kept there. Khwaishon pe likhi…………..plays…………… He gives it a look of a gown, and says you are my wife, my respect lies in your respect. He hands over her clutch to her. He holds her and takes her to the party.

Sam looks at Neil. Arjun and Radhika come in the party. Neil says the party is kept in their honor. Nandini looks at Radhika’s dress. Neil says a huge round of applause for them. He asks Radhika for a dance. She looks at Arjun. Neil says she is your wife, so you have first dance. They all clap for Arjun and Radhika. Sam recalls Nandini’s words.

Nandini tells Radhika that she can kill even Arjun if he comes in her way. Radhika says I don’t need to fail you, you have failed yourself today and smiles. Nandini turns and gets shocked seeing someone.


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  1. kaifi
    August 29, 11:15 Reply

    Gonna miss u manmarziyannnnnn

  2. raashi
    August 26, 11:02 Reply

    Awesome episode…loved every bit of it….Nesam scenes were too cute n d Ardhika scenes omg I loved them….superb dialogues…loved all d actors especially Neil- he was rocking n primarily Arjun- he was d showstealer for me…took my breath away with his acting n expressions.

  3. Ammu
    August 26, 05:11 Reply

    Omg…woww woww wat an episode. …luv ardhika ….

  4. sha
    August 26, 02:44 Reply

    every last episode seems like my every last breath. i tottally agree with waht u guys r saying. mamnmarziyan
    m- mind blowing
    a- aamzaing
    n- new
    m- mixture
    a- adorable
    r- rocking
    z- zowing
    i- independent
    y- yielding
    a- attributing
    n- nostalgic
    amazing show.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank u 4 everything manmarziyan and we’re sure gonna miss our radz sam neil idiot arjun samrat piyali. thanks ………

  5. Priyanka,Shilpa
    August 26, 02:31 Reply

    Wow wow episode was very cool radhika u re tooooo gud
    Neil u also best

  6. ankitha
    August 26, 00:26 Reply

    this week manmarziyan stands 4th in dtb chart

  7. zara
    August 26, 00:08 Reply

    wow renu your explanation about episode is awesome……. thnx dear ♡♡♡♡♡
    you have such a great talent to explain anything in deeply …… when I read your view feels like that it would be written by your soul. …. totally agree your talent dear .
    don’t know what should I do after ending this show. ….
    I really miss your comments guys..with heavy heart
    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. zara
    August 25, 23:54 Reply

    thnx Ameena for sending pics….

  9. ardhikha
    August 25, 21:25 Reply

    wow nice episode wat say about ardhikha i love manmarzian we need season 2of this show…. sam say from u r deep heart that u love only neil and not arjun .i think now we afto say to u to leave arjun .see arjun is blocked in three sides on side sister,wife,and gf wat will arjun do ok but sp i hate u…..i love manmarzian

  10. Ria
    August 25, 21:08 Reply

    I hate star plus……They are ending my manmarziyan…kutthe kamine log….. Kabhi kisi ki feelings ki bare mein nahi sochthi……If they want to end they can end that idiotic saathiya , diya aur baathi hum or yeh rishta kya kehlatha hai……These three are the most dragging and idiotic serials…… cha…… idiots….

    • ♥«izzy~girl»♥
      August 25, 21:13

      yeah its so sad…
      I mailed bunch of times
      but to no avail….

  11. renu
    August 25, 19:41 Reply

    hiii friends,…

    first,please give me some medicine 2 come out of this heart break yaar,…i cant help myself just like arjun ,… on thinking about the last epi n the countdown reached 4 now,….please friends,…i dont wanna cry 4 a fictional show but this show hooked me like a magnet,…i started 2 engage myself in other things so that i can come out of this forthcoming heart break but still end up in loving this serial more n more as the same way arjun does,….Please,SP only 1 time,…hear our screams, ll not pay 4 all the things in this world yaar,..try 2 respect numerous fans feelings like me,…ur 1 wrong decision ll ruin ur status n our respect 4 u,….i know these screams ll b on deaf ears,…but i expressed my feelings though,…

    k friends,…What an episode yaar,..mind blowing,….,.outstanding,….awesome,…lovely,…n i dunno any words which suits more 2 describe this episode,…i madly fallen in love with this daily soap,…i dunno what is love like my chasni but i learnt
    what is friendship
    what is dream
    what is love
    what is care
    what is affection
    what is sacrifice
    what is possessiveness
    what is trust
    what is loyalty
    what is naivety
    what is betrayal
    what is manipulating
    what is seduction
    what is infatuation
    what is centering on
    what is married life with platonic love
    and finally what is REVENGE n how to analyse a character 4m their act,…
    within this four n half months, ll take me a life time 2 learn all this yaar but MMZ helped me 2 learn those things within this short span of time,…hence i stuck into this show ending news,…which makes me 2 hardly carry over other things in my life,….but i felt proud that i watched such an amazing show in my life time n i think,i ve 2 accept the reality n indulge myself on my manmarziyan,,…..

    K friends,…sorry 4 writing some of my personal feelings about this show as this epi makes me 2 write such n u also ll agree with me after reading this comment,…(note:sry 4 long essay again,..kindly bear with me)

    Omg i dunno 4m where 2 start cox i loved each n every bit of it,..


    Friends,…i just wanna give some personal advise 2 sam,..She wants 2 prove herself that she is not in love with neil n her only love s arjun (ly his name,..nothing else),…Sam,…What r u doing girle,..noticing ur BF packing things 2 leave u permanently r wooing glances at him stealthily,..ur neil knew ur every move darling n u r pretending as reading an empty book,..what stopping u from doing pinky promise,…ARJUN,…(no.1).oh by using arjun name,..u urself trying 2 escape 4m ur love confession,,that u can save ur ego by defending the fact that u considered ur best friend as just friend n there s nothing more btw u both,…But my neil knew u darling ur usage of arjun s just an escapism 4m doing a fake promise baby,….

    Btw,..ur mom said it r8 2day,..she too behave normally cox of ur dad n she got brain too 2day n every1 sensed that u r in love with neil except u,,sorry u ve some confusion,..if u accept this relation btw u n neil as love then it ll prove that u never loved arjun,..So,u r in a perplexed mind that u cant give a name 2 arjun’s relationship with u right,…darling,…its infatuation,one cannot live a life with a person being physically attractive with no love, is not physically bonding two gender dear,… i wonder when u ll get this….on last episode!!!

    Then u started 2 state,..’i love arjun’ reminiscing neil with u again 2 piyali (no.2),…here renu said k,..i know sam,…get over it n again said the same 2 piyali that u ll prove ‘i love arjun’ (no.3) 2day 2 every1,… i again calmed my nerves n said k sam,…i know it n get over it,…then,u saw neil with another girl,.. (btw neil,…this s really a smart move dear,… ),..u r burning with jealousy n v all can witness it n i warned u dont call my neil idiot already n u 4got,…actually u r the idiot n calling the ly sensible person in this show as idiot,…not fair darling,….n once again,…u wanna escape 4m neil,…2day he almost confessed like arjun,..he said he ll leave that girl n everything,..if she confess her love,…but ur ego came in2 picture again n u used ur weapon ‘i love arjun’ again,…here renu hitting her head on her lappy 4 watching this crappy,…

    Neil,..u did a good job n pressed the right button on her n she needs it ,.. ur way of inviting sam 4 ur marriage 2 tat pagli ll be a nice treatment 4 sam,…she s trying 2 sleep opening her eyes,..she cant pretend sleeping more dear,…well done boy,…


    omg,…omg,..omg,…what did i see 2day,….2day ardhika passion went a step ahead yaar,..a complete new level in their relationship,…wat’s happening btw these 2 friends,…they r planning 2 kill us by their chemistry,…v gonna miss them badly after this week,…

    k starting 4m nandhu’s stupid flop plan,…making radz 2 wear short black dress which slits her body,…btw friends,..i wanna give a credit 2 monica 4 making that scene without any awkward by her grace,…she really fits any modern wear r any other dress,..but cvs always did a big joke with her dress,..2day she looked stunning hot n beautiful in that dress,…k coming 2 that stranger(i saw him in offscreen pics of mmz,..may b a co-worker n moni shared a group pic with this guy in instagram,..i think so),..i hate wen u touched my chasni with gutter thots but now m thanking u 4 doing so,..cox i always love 2 see possessive n jealous n protective arjun,..n 2day i got everything 2 cherish my memories of ardhika ly with help of u,…btw radz s too naive in identifying the bad touch,…

    Arjun baba,…u r going 2 kill that stranger by ur killer looks,…i love ur possessive dialogue,..’she s my wife,…i ll help her’,…omg loved it man n the way u pushed the stranger away 4m ur wife na,..m dead man,…then u scolded ur wifey like a perfect husband,..’if u r not comfortable wearing such dress,…y r u wearing it n getting insulted ‘n my radz,..stupid girl replied that she can face any insult just 2 keep u away 4m sam,…here renu again hitting her head after hearing this non sense 4m radz,…

    Friends,…wenever radz engaged in full Save sam mission,..she ll 4got about her,…n she can marry arjun,..she ll face any public humiliation,…she even ready 2 wear short dress which she s not at all comfortable n ready 2 insult herself,.. on Hearing Save sam mission again n again 4m radz n ‘i love arjun’ 4m sam,…literally blood oozing out of my ears yaar,…..n Freinds,…i wanna remember some foolish acts of radz which arjun can ly tolerate,…
    1.putting her nylon saree on fire on her wedding n8 (DIARY scene),….
    2.Walking on the road aimlessly n said arjun that she s walking 2 die,…(after their mrg,.. 1st day morning in radz home)
    3.this s 3rd now she wore a short dress without thinking how it ll affect her dignity,…

    Arjun baba,..dont b over confident on ur good looks dear,…’2 keep me with u,…u no need 2 wear such short revealing dresses’,…but i can sense that u was really affected by ur wifey reply,…’i ll not keep things which s not mine’,…

    friends,..u know how much i love this scene,.. 2day i saw full n full platonic love 4m arjun with protectiveness in his eyes 4 his wife,..
    Arjun,…’this s not mrs.mehra,..
    Radz,…i know sir
    Arjun,…u dont know,…u dont know anything,….

    A big applause 2 u arjun,..u fianlly spoke my heart,..radz really dinn know anything,…she s too young 2 experience,..what is love,…what is physical intimacy,…what is good touch n bad touch,…n finally what is attraction,..she always confused but never tried 2 find answer 4 these qns,…instead she can find any hidden secrets by bcoming a good detective rather than finding a imp aspect in her life,…m not accusing u chasni,..but this very naive nature drawn ur king mehra 2wards u like iron n magnet,…

    Friends, arjun proves that he s a good designer of draping saree r cloth over girls,…u all remember it r not,…but there s a lot of diff in arjun draping saree over sam in earlier epi,..where he was fully concentrated in draping the saree n intends 2 seduce sam with focusing on his revenge, emotion 4m him,..though sam s ready 2 do anything with arjun then,..but 2day he does the same thing with his wife with hardly touching her physically as he knew she s his wife 4ever n there s no need of seduction,..hence his eyes filled with full of care n platonic love n stealing glance at her often while dressing her,..& Radz,..started feeling 4 arjun ly after witnessing his protectiveness in kandala dress shop,..2day she was speachless n lost herself in longing looks at her hubby n she dinn feel any awkward r nervous wen arjun dressed her n infact she loves his gentle protective touch 2day,…

    Friends,..2day i felt another level of ardhika romance,…they both crossed all the physical barriers btw them,…they started behaving as several years married couple with very good understanding btw them,,…& Arjun’s last dialogue,…’ur respect s my respect radhika’ loved it man,…then our lover boy hands started caressing his wife’s hair with full love asusual,..i found there s no need of confession btw them as they both behaved as such 2day,….

    Last but not least,…i loved Neil-Radz-Arjun convo a lot,…Neil admired radz as a friend n he wants 2 dance with his friend who looking dashing in the party n he even lend his hand 2 radz,..another interesting part s arjun looks happy wen neil asked his wife 4 dance as he felt somewat proud that his wife s looking dashing in the party n he trust her more than himself n so he has no pblm in radz dancing with neil but my chasni felt uncomfortable 2day tat she cant dance with any1 even with her friend n so she saw arjun 4 answer 4 neil’s request,…As a true friend,…my neil understood wat s running btw them n loved how he made the dance was Ardhika’s,..’arjun,..radz s ur wife r8 ,,first dance s ardhiks’s’loved it man,…

    & Friends,…how many of u like nandhu’s face worth watching radz in the party n how arjun dinn ve a look at sam n crossed her without having any glance at her holding his wife’s waist in full joy,…Sam realized 2day arjun loves whom,..i think so,..but dunno wen she ll realize that she loves whom,….that’s the end of our wonderful show,…

    I already swear u that i wont predict anything in these last week episodes,,no comment about precap,…Zip,…

    Asusual dinn read wat i wrote n sorry 4 long essay n thanks 4 reading this ,…have a nice day guys,….

    • ardhikha
      August 26, 09:11

      renu u r explanation is nice we all are crazy fan of manmarzian … ok just cool down after manmarzian over try to forget it .. or it will make u addictic i am also crazy fan of manmarzian

  12. angel
    August 25, 19:01 Reply

    come on guys chill show is going to be off on a good note so take it easy actually we have to be happy that arjun radz and neel sam is going to be together forever one day every show has to go off air

  13. ♥«izzy~girl»♥
    August 25, 18:14 Reply

    guys jus got my response to the mail ..I mailed to starplus
    and thought of sharing it with u guys
    Dear Viewer, 

    Thank you for writing to us. 

    We regret the delay in responding to your email. 

    We are glad that you like our shows Dosti Yaariyan Manmarzian and Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus. It is great to hear a word of encouragement from viewers like you; it drives us to deliver better. 

    Also, we understand your connect with the show Dosti Yaariyan Manmarzian on Star Plus and its characters. However, we would like to confirm that the show is going off-air from August 29th and will be replaced by another of our exciting offering Sumit Sambhal Lega. We have also made a note of your request regarding promotion of our show Dosti Yaariyan Manmarzian on Star Plus. Rest assured we will forward your request to the Marketing team at Star Plus for their reference. 

    We would like to inform you that you can catch all the episodes of your favorite shows across Star Network on our online video entertainment platform. Please visit the link 

    We hope to have your continuous support and patronage in our endeavors. 

    Warm Regards,
    Consumer Response Cell.
    Tel: + | 1800 3000 7827 
    Email: [email protected]

  14. hanisha
    August 25, 15:06 Reply

    I guess arjun will be there in the precap…coz he doesn’t listen abt nandini from anybody unless nandini confess es by herself

  15. ankitha
    August 25, 14:32 Reply’s episode is adorable from first to last
    as usual like yesterday’s epi neil is jst awesome and the way he is making sam to realise her feelings is really gud.poor sam got jealous by seeing neil with some other girl which she didn’t felt for arjun when he was with radhu…even she didn’t felt jealous when arjun entered into party holding radhika.
    every time nandu plans to make radhu away frm arjun bt all her plans go in vein making them more close..
    when arjun saw a man misbehaving with radhu,his dialogue “wo meri biwi hai,mai use help kar sakta hu”is so cute.firstly he got so much jealous by seeing tht and he even likes radhu’s own style nt this changed one..the way he designs her dress and holding her made radhu tensrd for her feelings..and one more thng when arjun was asked to dance with radhu he didn’t even looked at sam..this shows he really don’t want to divorce her..
    and finally the precap makes us restless for 2morow’s epi to know who listened to nandini’s words..i want arjun to hear nandu words,then 2morow epi will be more rocking than today’s
    this show is so good.i really hope if this show continue but so sad only four days left for us

  16. saji
    August 25, 14:28 Reply

    I think in precap arjun or sam behind nadu

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