Main Laxmi Tere Aangan Ki 15th June 2012 Written Update

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Main Laxmi Tere Aangan Ki 15th June 2012 Written Update by Deepali88

Part 1
Episode Start with yesterdays episode scene when Lashmi getting excited and tells to be that the property was registered on Renuka sahani not Renuka agnihotriand Not legally registered on Agnihotris Name and can be auction if it will be transfer to Renuka agnohotri or any agnihotris family members and government can’t auction that property right now..Bua also gets excited..Lakshmi tells that I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow..

Other side at Saraswati house Vishal and Saraswati watching the news on Tv and news reader says that 17th June Agnihotri mansion auction would be happen..

Saraswati feeling sad and tells that it will be not happened May be Lakshmi will save the auction..Vishal evil smile and says..Why should you tells this if Lakshmi have any magic stick that she scroll the stick and would be change like previous one. Saraswati reply that it was happened previously with us also but Lakshmi Used her brain and get all the money with her Brain not borrows or steal the money. Vishal annoying and Says that why Lakshmi use her Mind that time and stop the auction…Saraswati reply that Lakshmi sure gets use some way and gonna stop the auction tomorrow and shivji will help her. I have fully confidence on her..

Other side Lakshmi discuss with some judge in Judge room about take stay on auction..Judge read the papers and talking with her and says that please wait outside the room I will call you..Lakshmi goes.

Arjun tells Akash that tomorrow’s auction will be happen and many Press reporter also will stay there and they should be ask many questions about Agnihotri related from you but you don’t loose your control and don’t become anger..Akash promise to him that he could not lose his control at auction place.

Arjun tells him to take all the paper from Almira Akash goes to room but did not find the papers and tells it to Arjun..Arjun shocked and surprise after hear it
Some one comes to Lakshmi and tells that judges calling her on judge room..Lakshmi comes in the room and Looking Nerves

Judge give her a envelope and Lakshmi Take the Envolep with nervousness and comes out from the room she tears the envelope and Getting happy and excited after see court stay order..She thanks to shivji..

Other side somya sitting in her room and waiting for Lakshmi’s call but can’t received yet her mother comes and tells that Lakshmi will not call you ..Go with me to London that was you promised me previously that if Lakshmi not accept your decision then you go with me to London. Just her maid comes and says that Lakshmi comes to meet you now..Some feeling excited to meet with her ..Lakshmi comes and returns her all the gifts which was she given to Arjun..She also returns the necklace to her and says that even I had become gready one time after saw that necklace but I have choose love between Love and money..She tells that tomorrow she and Arjun will going to Amarnath Yatra for complete the Mannat..Somya reply that she also going to London tomorrow and she is Happy to Lakshmi decision that after Lakshmi decision she feeling well because she felt restless till now..You have find your way now and now you not need any need from me..I told you My sister from my heart and if you would want any help than will tell me any time’ Lakshmi reply that your convoy..Cring me ‘ you wanted wrong things if you demand something else than I will give you but again I can’t share with you..Lakshmi and Somya great conv.. and Lakshmi tells that I will wish that you have meet your Mister perfect soon..lakshmi hugs Somya and goes..somya feeling sad and cring and tells to god why you returns me in arjun’s life even Lakshmi went after forgot all things but how I forget all things..Yeah dill hai ki manta hi nahi but now I can’t beehive like this and will returns to London tomorrow

Lakshmi comes to her home with excitement and calling everyone..All of them gathered. Lakshmi tell the news that she got court stay order and auction would not happen now..All of them getting happy with the RV..Renuka comes with some sweets and Lakshmi feed it to RV and Arjun ..RV also looking happy from Lakshmi may be first time and smile
Vishal and sarawati eating the food and Just Vishal received a call other side Bajaj tells him to open the news channel some news for you..Vishal open the News channel that news reader says that agnihotris mansion auction will not happen tomorrow due they got stay order from the court..Baja says that your sister in low or Ahnigotris bahu Lakshmi done that was and she take the stay order..What can you do now’ Vishal feeling sad and says that why I not taught this previously when Lakshmi has a jugadu girl ..Saraswati comes and heard the stay order news..Saraswati getting happy and says that she is going to put some sweets on Shivaji case she heard some great and happy news after long time..Vishal getting annoyed after hear it.

Lakshmi comes to kitchen and Arjun also comes behind her and holds her around her arms..Lakshmi tells that I am sorry I had asked you before bring stay order..Arjun reply that you take right decision and how you thought like these..You are best wife and best DIL also..Lakshmi reply that I did all cause I like to see all of them happy with you’ Arjun smile and ask are you so much love me like that and Lakshmi reply that I will prove my love for you when time will comes..Lakshmi hugs Arjun..

Precap: Vishal talking with lakshmi on phone that you should go to amaranth yatra with arjun cause auction should be happen tomaroow

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