Mahabharat 4th July 2014 Written Update

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Mahabharat 4th July 2014 Written Update by Tanaya

Mahabharat 4th July 2014 Written Episode

The episode begins with, mamashri says duryodhan its for our good that we have to name guru dron our senapati, karna says duryodhan i have always been in search of respect n will achieve it only when i destroy arjun so it will be good if u give the position of senapati n its responsibilities to guru dron.
Guru dron while packing his weapons mamashri arrives their n says that duryodhan has changed his decision n ur been named as our senapati , guru dron says u have already insulted me n i no more need this, karna enters n says its not fair me giving u orders, guru dron says u need not worry abt it i wil not enter the war field now, karna says u deserve the position guru dron, duryodhan says karna is right but before that u have to promise us that u will kill pandavas, guru dron says u have insulted me again n so its good if i quit war field, ashvathama says father u had promised my mother to protect me so u cant quit war, guru dron says i have n blessing of mukti plz let me achieve it, ashvathama says sure u can but i will fight for my friend n tomorrow morning the first person i will kill my father’s favourite student arjun, guru dron says im ashamed of u being my son ashvathama n oaths to fight for pandavas blood, duryodhan says jst by taking oath u cant kill pandavas so lets chalk out tomorrows plan to kill arjun, guru dron says we need no plan but prayers to kill pandavas bcoz they never giveup n their strength is arjun, duryodhan says then tomorrow angaraj karna will have only one mission of destroying pandavas strength arjun.
Krishna says to arjun to beware of karna since karna has that special weapon, bheem says arjun u have to keep karna busy tomorrow n i shall begin killing the 100 dritrashtra sons with duryodhan as the 100th.
Gandhari near the 100 diyas calls out for dasis n ask to take care of these 100 diyas n not let any obstruction enter this room. Sanjay informs dritrashtra about pandavas strength.
The war begins(DAY 11), karna steps in the battle field n applies the sand to his forehead, both the sides take their positions n war begins, arjun says to Krishna take the rath to karna its time to welcome him in the battle field, arjun says karna lets fight with gadha this will help u feel less ashamed of urself, karna gets angry n begins to attack arjun n so does arjun, both karna n arjun challenge each other n attack each other with best of their skills, arjun says karna why aren’t u attacking properly , karna says u have always been saved by bhishma n guru dron so im waiting for guru dron to come n save u, arjun says no one will save me today but does ur dhanushya has power to kill me, karna says before killing u i shall destroy ur gandiv n then behead u.

Bheem starts killing dritrashtras sons one by one.

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  1. Kia
    July 05, 01:41 Reply

    Yo!!!finally these hopeless kauravas are killed….they deserve this!!!

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