Kundali Bhagya 31st July 2017 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 31st July 2017 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 31st July 2017 Written Episode

Karan and Preita come home wet. Karan calls her sticky and attracted towards him. Preita accuses him to have stolen her umbrella and fight with her for it, she gets sneeze. Rashi hears their argument, then comes to send Preita inside. She would send the maid with Roo’s clothes. Rashi tells Karan he thought this girl was for Rishab, she didn’t know he is interested in her. Karan denies any interest. Rashi tells Karan he has watched a lot of Hindi films and realizes all the scenarios. She wasn’t ready to consider it a coincidence. She says she always wanted a girl like her for him. Upstairs, the Dadi asks Karan to do something about Preita. He says he has a plan, but it will take some time.
At home, Sarla was crying. Bee ji tells her to calm herself down. Sarla says she knows her daughters
well, if she strikes their self-respect they will never leave the place. She has cried for them a lot, and she prevented herself from hugging her daughters only to keep them here. Bee ji assures Sarla she is a good mother. Shistri was leaving home, Bee ji asks where she is going. Shistri curtly says she doesn’t want this lady to know about it and leaves. Sarla cries how everything would get fine.
Preita was coming after her clothes changed. Kritika comes there and says her dress suits Preita more than her. Preita laughs that she realizes she is too short. Kritika had dropped a few photos which Preita holds. Kritika takes Preita to Rishab’s room to make him chose at least one girl from these photographs. In the room, Rishab was concerned if Preita got wet. Kritika changes the topic and tells Preita to select a girl from among these photos. Preita watches a photo and says she would have selected this girl, she is really composed, calm and peaceful. Kritika asks Rishab if Preita doesn’t seem to be the perfect girl for him, it was awkward for Preita and Rishab both. Preita gets cold, Rishab offers her a jersey but Kritika says it would only be a medicine.
Kareena was with the wedding planner, she thinks about not appreciating the work. Vandy assures Kareena she will send her best team to her on the wedding day. Shistri comes there, Vandy lies that Shistri has been working with her for last 7 years and is an expert. There, Shistri later comes to Vandy and thanks her for the opportunity, Vandy tells her to stay confident and she will win it all.
Dadi and Preita were in the room. Dadi notices the pain in her foot had vanished and gives the credit to her medicine. She tells Preita she won’t do exercise anymore. Preita insists she must continue with the little exercise, her family loves her and wish everyone continue to love her. Dadi blesses Preita to get someone as much loving to her as well. Rashi comes to take Preita downstairs. Dadi realizes she likes Preita.
Downstairs, Kareena had sent Shistri with flowers upstairs. Preita couldn’t see her there. While Kareena gives Rashi the choice to select flowers, Rashi asks Preita. Preita selects Genda against any other flower, against Kareena’s wish. Rashi and Preita leaves. Kareena was curt over Preita.

PRECAP: Preita was making the decorations when Rishab comes from behind. Rashi watches him hold Preita in his arms as she was about to fall.

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