Kasam 31st July 2017 Written Update

Kasam 31st July 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Kasam 31st July 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Abhi spends time with Natasha. Natashs tells him story and says there was prince and princess, princess got to know that prince is bad so she left with doll and then she got a king but prince cameback. Tanu comes there and says lunch is ready, come or else.. Abhi and Natasha silently leaves.

Rano asks Manpreet who was the girl Rishi talking about? Manpreet sees magazine and says he was talking about this model Kanika, Rano gets happy and says Rishi finally likes a girl, Manpreet says what about Naitra? Rano says I know Naitra has been with us for 7 years but Rishi wont like her ever, I wont let her life be destroyed but I am happy for Rishi, I will tell raj. Manpreet says that girl doesnt want to see Rishi but Rishi likes her too much, Rano says I will make that Kanika agree for Rishi.

says to Tanu that I told story which you told me. Abhi says Prince did mistake so princess should remain with king with her doll. Natasha says but Mr. Handsome said that prince should get a chance. Abhi says dont listen to him, his life is not good so dont listen, you are princess so you will live with me. Tanu gets tensed, Abhi asks if she is fine? she says nothing, he eyes her warily.

Manpreet comes to Rishi and says listen, I told everything to mom but I didnt tell her about girl. Rishi says she keep kicking me, I am tired of her kicking me, Manpreet say please listen to me. Rishi says she has to listen to me now, it wont be good if mom comes inbetween my love, I will bring my love in this house infront of everyone, he leaves. Manpreet says mom will stop him and my lie would come to fore.

Abhi comes to Tanu and says the story you told Natasha, is it your real life story? Tanu says no, I was just stressed so I made up a story, you dont find prince, princess, that kind of love these days. Abhi says you are right, tell me when I went to london, did Rishi come to house often? Tanu gets tensed.

Rano looks at Naitra and says poor girl, she handled house for 7 years but couldnt win Rishi’s heart, I gave her chance, should I tell her about Kanika? Naitra sees her and thinks if I should tell her that Tanuja is married to Abhi and also have a daughter. They sees Rishi coming there. Rano thinks that poor Rishi, he gets girl which he doesnt want and doesnt get one which he wants. Rano comes to Rishi and says I got to know that you have finally found her. Rishi is stunned and says who told you? Rano says your brother, Rishi says are you ready to accept her? Rano says yes I am ready to accept her, you are happy after many years, dont take her name, Naitra is coming and you should not take her name till everything is finalized, Rishi says she doesnt listen to me. Rano says dont worry, I will talk to her, dont tell anything to Nisha. Rishi says you will talk to her? she says yes. Naitra comes there and asks if everything is fine? Rano says Rishi is very happy and wants to give party, Rishi do call one which you like, Rishi says yes party, Naitra looks at them and leaves. Rishi hugs Rano and says I love you.

Tanu says yes he came here, Abhi says I know you must not like him, dont know whats up with him, he shows too much attitude, Samar told me he wanted you to sign some papers but you didnt because you dont trust him? maybe thats why he cameback to take it out on you, what were written on these papers? Tanu recalls Rishi asking her to meet in that file, she says I dont remember, he says no problem but you did good job.

Scene 2
Manpreet says to himself that if Rishi tells mom about Tanu then storm will come in house. Ahana holds his hand and stops him, he says you? she says what you thought that it was model from magazine holding your hand? she shows him magazine in his hands, he says its not mine, Ahana says tell me then whose it is? I will tell everyone. Manpreet says its papa’s, she says he cant see magazine like that, Manpreet says he wants to enjoy old life, she says eww, I am leaving.

Abhi is changing clothes, Tanu comes there and says atleast lock door when changing, he says I dont care, Tanu says but I do, Abhi says why do you feel something seeing me like that? she nudges and says dont say rubbish, he says I missed your scoldings, I feel bad when I go away from you both, promise me to not leave me in future, I mean you have no plans of getting married right? Tanu looks on and says no, he says good.

Rishi is on call talking about party, Manpreet comes there, Rishi says I am arranging party so dont disturb me. Manpreet says please please listen.. Rishi ends call and asks him to say it. Manpreet says its big problem, I told mom.. Rishi ignores and goes to his room, Manpreet looks on.

Tanu says to Abhi that I dont want to see Rishi’s face, he asks what he did? Tanu says if he comes infront of me then I will do something, Abhi asks why? Tanu says I need to give reason? he says no, if you dont want to see his face then you wont see him from now on.
Rishi says to himself that Tanu you want it or not but you will see me everywhere.

Natasha says to Abhi that i dont like Tanya’s mom, she is bad girl. Tanu says dont talk like this. Natasha says she was asking Rishi to scold me and you know mom scolded Rishi when he was not at fault. Tanu says he was at fault, it was all this mistake. Abhi thinks that now I understand why she is miffed with Rishi because he scolded Natasha.

Raj comes in lounge and says good morning, Ahana feels weird. Manpreet says to Ahana that I will ask him if it was his magazine or not, Ahana says no. Raj says what you want to ask? Ahana says we wanted to ask what you will eat, he says aloo paratha, she nods and serves him food. Rishi comes there. Naitra says I will take Tanya to school. Rishi says good. Manpreet brings Rishi aside and says I have news about mom, you know mom heard our talk and asked me which girl you were talking about, I couldnt tell her truth and I showed her model Kanika’s photo on magazine and said you were talking about her. Rishi says you should have told her that party will be for Tanuja, Manpreet says so now party will not happen? Rishi says party will happen, Rishi says to family that tonight I will surprise everyone and you all will be stunned. Rano gets happy and says oh God the girl who has mesmerized my son, he should get that girl. Beeji says Rano seem happy today, seems like there is storm coming.

Abhi comes in his office and sees Rishi sitting there with feet on couch. Abhi says dont you have manners? what are you staring at, Rishi says I am trying to see what you have that I dont, Abhi says you cant have what I want. Abhi says I know everything, Natasha told me everything, Tanuja broke your heart right? Rishi gets angry hearing it.

PRECAP- In party, Rishi says to Manpreet that Tanuja has to come, after 7 years my happiness will return to this house, my Tanuja will comeback in this house and she will have garh pervesh again.
Abhi says to Tanu that I am going with you, I will take you to Rishi, she glares at him, he says I mean taking you to his home. Tanu says dont force me please.

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