Kalash 29th February 2016 Written Update

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Kalash 29th February 2016 Written Update by Atiba

Kalash 29th February 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Saket comes to Navi and says what kind of creature are you? i should pray to you, you have sacrificed your love, you have made two lovers meet, Rav and Devika must hugging each other, are you planning to trap me in all this? Ravi reached there, i called so Ravi picked it up, Navi says what? your goons couldnt control him? Saket says i am just here to tell you that if i go to jail then i will take you too with me, i will trap you too, why didnt you tell me all this? Navi says look at my neck marks, Ravi grabbed me, he was about to see my face, i saved my life and ran from there, dont says that you are in problem only.
Ravi says to Devika that we will leave from here, i want to know how you felt without me, we will tie them so that they cant follow us Devika brings rope, deepak comes there and puts knife on Devika’s neck, Ravi says leave her else i will kill you and wont think twice, Deepak says there were only two bullets in your gun, first one was fired by boss and second one by you, Ravi says i know this is your trap, i am telling you, i will shoot you, Deepak says so shoot, Ravi fires gun at him but its empty, goons start laughing on him, Dildar pushes away Ravi, goons ties them together.
Saket says to Navi that i will call and see whats happening there, Navi says call from private number so that Ravi or DEvika doesnt see you calling Dildar, Saket says wow your mind is still working?
Dildar fills gun and says to Ravi that now i will not spare you, he gets call from private number, he takes it, Saket says its your boss, Saket asks how did Ravi get your phone? Dildar says he took for sometime but now we have caught him, should i kill him? Saket says i will tell you later, he ends call. Saket tells Navi tat they have caught Ravi too, Navi says they should leave Ravi, Saket says if we make him leave then he will go to police, Navi says we have to think way so that we dont get caught.
Dildar comes to Ravi, he says to goon that why did you tie them together? its dangerous, as soon as i get green signal from boss, i will kill Ravi, Ravi says this is not good for you, i wont leave you. Goon sees police coming there, he tells Dildar, Ravi says i informed police, now see what they do with you, Dildar ask his goons to take them to cottage, tie them separately, goons try to separate Ravi and Devika, they pull them apart, they take them from there. Dildar says to one goon that distract police, their attention should be on you so that i can take Ravi and DEvika from here but remember dont get caught by police.
Police officer says to inspector that we have to call force, we have to cordon off this area, Monty says to Sakshi that this is not safe area for you, you should go and sit in car as this is dangerous area, if you will be here then i wont be able to concentrate on finding Ravi, i will keep worrying about you, Sakshi says you think so much for me, situation is not good but now we have emotions is our relation, we are liking each others company.
Goon brings Ravi and Devika in another godown. Ravi says to Devika that what was the need to go to market alone? why didnt you take anyone with you? Devika says i went there to buy things for you, i shouldnt have gone there, Ravi says then why did you call me from market? DEvika says youa re talking as if you are hero, we got chance to run from here but you had to say dialogues to goons, Ravi says i did it to know name of kidnappers, Devika says did you get it? no, you even wasted bullet, only bullet we had, Ravi says you wanted me to kill him with that bullet? you are only wife who wants to send her husband to jail, Devika says cant believe that you are insulting me infront of them? Ravi says to goons that why you both are looking here? husband-wife are fighting, look away, they look otherside. Devika says to Ravi that you only know how to fight, Ravi says you always keep complaining, Devika says if you didnt do any mistake then we would have reached home by now, i would have changed clothes, Ravi says i put my life in danger and you are fighting with me? DEvika says you wasted one bullet we had, Ravi says you were with them, you would have known that only one bullet was remaining in gun, you could have asked goons, Devika says you wanted goons to kill me? Ravi says your kachkach have started again, Deepak says i was thinking to get married but now after seeing them i wont marry, Ravi says do not marry, you wont be able to live or die, Devika says dont talk much, Ravi says you dont have brains, he asks goon, he says women have brains, Ravi says he is afraid of you, Devika says to goon that take him from here, Deepak shouts that you both stop, he says to other goon that tie their mouths, Devika says i am not speaking from day one, dont tie my mouth, goon covers their mouth.
Navi comes in room and says Saket is planning to do something but i have to organize few things to protect myself, she calls her lawyer and says keep bail papers ready, one persona have made me do work which is illegal, i have proofs against him, i will let you know about him, Saket comes there and listens all this.

PRECAP- Goons ties Ravi and Devika to separate pillars. Sakshi and Monty arrives in same godown and tries to find them.

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