Kairi… Rishta Khatta Meetha 23rd July 2012 Written Update

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Kairi… Rishta Khatta Meetha 23rd July 2012 Written Update by -JC-

Recap: Kusum tries to clear misunderstandings between her and Prakash. Ambi helps her to create a romantic atmosphere on the terrace where Kusum sings his favorite song. It starts raining and kusum tries to save Prakash from stepping on an exposed electric wire but gets shocked herself.

Imarti walks in on Prakash trying to wake up Kusum. She gets upset and starts her emotional drama. Everyone comes downstairs and she complains how her sons pretend to not love their wives in front of her but behind her back start romancing. She says how Prakash treats Kusum like an enemy and Anuj hadn’t even looked at Ambi for days after the wedding but as soon as she stepped out of the house the scene changed. She asks if her son’s believe her to be the enemy of their happiness and if she is the kind of woman who would keep her sons away from their wives. Sajini and Ved walk in too and Imarti continues that she feels betrayed and she tells to stop pretending in front of her and do as they please from now on.

Prakash, Ved and Anuj try to pacify her but she says that she feels like she should hand over the responsibilities to her DIL’s and go on a pilgrimage. Prakash tells her that they made a mistake and they didn’t mean to hurt her and will do all that she pleases. A phone call comes and Imarti talks to someone and hangs up. She tells Prakash that it was Sharma ji’s phone to tell him that he has found another job for Prakash in Dubai and its an all expenses paid trip but he has to leave as soon as tomorrow. Then she says that she forgot that now her sons no longer heed her advice so she got excited and she’ll call Sharma ji and tell him to give the job to someone else. But Prakash stops her and tells her he will go to Dubai. Ambi and Kusum are sad.

Everyone leaves and Imarti tells Ambi that just because she won a few battles doesn’t mean she got a hold of Imarti’s household. She tells her that its not a street play but household politics and to win you have to sometimes take a few steps back. At night Ambi tries talking to Anuj that Prakash had started to change towards Kusum and its seemed that they would forget the differences soon if Imarti hadn’t intervened. Anuj tells her that they tried their best but the result was that Imarti was hurt by all of it. He tells her that Imarti has sacrificed a lot for her sons and they don’t want her to hurt anymore so he sternly asks Ambi to drop it.

Kusum is packing Prakash’s bags and they are both emotional. Prakash tells her to pack Sonu’s photograph too and she asks if he wants to put anything else, he is about to take a photograph of Kusum too and she notices it and smiles but suddenly Imarti calls out to him and he drops the photograph and instead picks up the charger. Imarti asks him if his new passport is ready and if he kept it safe. She asks him to give it to her as she will take care of it better but Prakash tells her its already in his bag.

Next morning Kusum says good by to Prakash silently. Prakash wants to hug her but hesitates and leaves. Kusum thinks of Ambi’s words that said that if she doesn’t clear the misunderstandings soon then Prakash will go too far way from her and cries.

Imarti’s sister-in law and her daughters come to say good bye to Prakash and tell him they will miss him. Sonu is angry with Prakash and tells him he is a bad father. Prakash is upset but Imarti tells him to not mind Sonu as he is a child and she’ll take care of him. She tells Sajini to bring arti ki thali but Ambi gestures that she’ll bring it and come back with the thali. Kusum watches from the background as Imarti does the arti and then looks for soemthing in the plate but its missing. She asks Ambi where the sacred thread is that she got from a pandit and she can’t let Prakash go to Dubai without tying that thread. Ambi tells her that she didn’t find anything in the pooja room. Imarti thinks she forgot it in her room and goes to search for it while Ambi smiles and rolls the thread in her hands secretly.

PRECAP: Prakash finds his old passport in Imarti’s room and Ambi tells him that Imarti hid it because deep down she doesn’t want him to leave and Prakash hugs him mother and tells her he won’t go as her wish is more important to him.

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