Jiji Maa 30th November 2017 Written Update

Jiji Maa 30th November 2017 Written Update by AMENA

Jiji Maa 30th November 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shom talking silly while getting drunk. Uttara sees him and stops. Bhatnagar sees the gift box and makes excuse to leave. Suyash helps him and takes him to bathroom. Falguni comes there. Uttara jokes on her for coming back. Falguni says I came here to give the gift. Uttara asks what can you give me, remember I have a habit, I open gifts in front of everyone, you may get insulted. Falguni says none can give you this gift, you should open this in private. Uttara gets angry seeing the sonography report. She scolds Falguni. She calls Shom.

Uttara starts insulting Falguni and gives her money in charity. Falguni says its Vidhaan and Niyati’s child pictures. Uttara asks her to take Niyati to the big hospital and get a color photo of her sin. She asks Falguni to get lost and

throws the report. Falguni cries. She leaves. Her scooty doesn’t start. Falguni hears the drivers telling their plan to blast Rawat house. They laugh on Uttara. Falguni gets shocked.
Shom says we have a tradition, Uttara opens gifts in the party itself. Uttara says everyone knows this who attends party every year. She tells them that she does everything publicly, she will tell everyone that gifts are given seeing the person’s status. She asks Shom to read the names of the person and give gifts. She opens the gifts and chooses to accept or refuse the gift. Bhatnagar drinks and looks on. Uttara insults the guests for their low standard gifts.

Kaira says Uttara is too much, she insulted guests. Falguni is on the way. Shom takes the big box. Kamini stops Shom. She asks Uttara to open her gift and see. Uttara likes the diamond necklace and praises it. She thanks Kamini and Kaira. Kaira asks Kamini won’t Uttara know its fake. Kamini says no, she won’t know. Shom gives a gift from his side. He says this gift is very precious. Uttara gets black gloves and asks what’s this. He says gloves, you can wear this every day, you slap someone every day, your hand won’t get hurt now. She says I m glad you worry for my hands, I won’t use it, its fun to slap when your fingers get print on someone’s cheek, would you like to see. He says no. Bhatnagar praises her and falls down. Suyash says I will take care of him. Suyash goes to drop Bhatnagar. Falguni reaches there. Guards stop her and asks her to leave. She says I have to go in, a gift has a bomb. The guards laugh on her excuses.

Falguni throws a bottle and diverts guards. She runs into the mansion to stop Uttara.

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