Jiji Maa 21st March 2018 Written Update

Jiji Maa 21st March 2018 Written Update by Amena

Jiji Maa 21st March 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vidhaan and Niyati enjoying the get together. Falguni says we should play antakshari. Vidhaan sings a song. Falguni says now its Gayatri’s turn. She asks Gayatri to sing the song for Suyash. Gayatri sings the lullaby. Jayant looks on. Everyone claps. Suyash gets thinking. Falguni asks what happened. He says nothing, I feel an old connection with this song, I heard it some time. Falguni says yes, your mum used to sing this for you and put you to sleep. Suyash smiles seeing Uttara. Gayatri cries. Falguni says mum and son’s relation is such strong, its good a mum has written all the childhood stories and poems in a book. He asks really. She says yes, Uttara will gift you the diary today.

Uttara goes to get diary. Shom sings a song. Everyone smiles. Media comes for interview.

Suyash asks them to take Falguni’s interview, she knows more than him. Falguni says I will not give interview alone. He says you know everything about it. Uttara says show them you are amazing. Falguni asks did you get diary. Uttara gives him the diary. He thanks her and gets pic clicked with Falguni. Falguni gives the interview. Tarun smiles and plans something with Uttara. Its morning, Falguni gets the newspaper. She reads her interview and cries. Gayatri comes and checks the article. She asks what happened, you should be happy for your pic and interview. Falguni says no, its a lie. Gayatri reads it, where Falguni gives statements against Uttara and Suyash, like insulting them, Falguni is ready to take Uttara’s place, she has told this to reporter Diwakar. Falguni says I didn’t say anything, I told them that Suyash managed the project and Uttara made business successful. Gayatri says I know. Falguni says if Suyash reads this paper, what will he think. Gayatri says you go and talk to him. Falguni says none should get paper. Thye hide paper from Uttara and Jayant. Uttara scolds servants.
Jayant calms her down. Jayant asks servant to find paper. Mangla comes and gets the paper. Falguni takes it from her and helps her. Mangla thinks she is a nice girl, why is Uttara annoyed with her. Vidhaan asks Falguni for newspaper. She asks them to go yoga. Niyati takes him. Mangla goes along. Gayatri says I will hide paper, go and talk to Suyash. Suyash says I have no time to talk, I have to be in meeting. She says its imp. He says I have to leave. Suyash goes. Jayant asks her about his NGO logo. She says it will be good. She asks Kaka did Suyash go. He says yes. She leaves on her scooty. Tarun asks Suyash to see the paper for giving ad. Suyash gets shocked seeing the article. He reads it and fumes. Falguni comes there. He angrily sees her.

He asks is this your truth, I thought you are an artist, you helped artists to get this game, you made fun of Rawat family. Falguni says believe me, I didn’t say this, its a lie. He scolds her. Tarun smiles and makes their video. Shom reads the article to Uttara. He asks why did you get this printed, you will get bad publicity. She says publicity is just publicity, people will think I got a bad bahu. Suyash says you think you won the world, learn from my mum, she has no ego, you married me for money and now this fame, I will never forgive you, leave my hand. Tarun goes out. Suyash leaves. Falguni cries.

Falguni says Suyash thinks I have said all these things. Vidhaan says Diwakar will tell us himself. He takes a disguise and meets Diwali. Falguni takes disguise and comes there.

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