“Jay and Mahhi is my favorite jodi as they dance like professional

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh, the popular youth icon on Dil Dosti Dance and Dance India Dance fame, was eliminated from Nach Baliye a couple of weeks back. However, recently we noticed that Kunwar has been tweeting and asking all his fans to vote for Jay and Mahi

How was the Nach experience for you?
The Nach experience was very nice. It was truly amazing because after a long time I got an opportunity to dance live in front of an audience. I felt like I am back to my DID days. I always wanted to do a dance show after DID and the best part I liked about Nach was that I had the highest votes which was my biggest achievement. I was overwhelmed that I have such a huge fan following and I guess even the production house and channel were taken by surprise.

Your first reality show gave you an entry into the industry and your second one is a celeb reality show. How different was each experience?
There was a huge difference as when I was doing DID, I was a complete newbie. I had to fight for my identity but this time it wasn’t like that. This was additional exposure for us as everyone got to know us more and competing with known and experienced contestants in itself gives me a proud feeling. Charlie is also new and even she is glad that she has had such a nice experience. It’s a big thing to share the same seat with such senior artists and of course I got to interact once again with Terence sir who had taught me how to dance.

Who is your favorite jodi? Who do you think should take the trophy home?
Jay and Mahhi is my favorite jodi as they dance like professionals. They dance so well and in fact I feel that they are at par with professionals like Shakti and I. They are where they are today because of their hard work and I have seen them rehearsing day and night for their performances. They have been the most consistent performers and I feel their hard work speaks for itself!

Mahhi calls Charlie her daughter, seems like you guys have become a happy family, tell us about it.
Charlie and Mahhi didn’t know each other before the show. However, Jay and I have been good friends ever since the DID days. Mahhi started treating Charie like a younger sister, caring for her even though we were competing with each other. Mahhi would make it a point to see that Charlie was ok, taking her medicines, etc. If Charlie was hyper or crying, Mahhi would be there for her and today they share such a strong bond with each other. Mahhi never took us as competitors and in fact she used to treat Charlie like a little kid, feeding her during break times, nurturing her, comforting her, etc. Jay and Mahhi are true jems.

What have you learned from Nach Baliye? If you could do something differently what would it be?
I have learned professionalism out of Nach. You have to be professional when you are part of a big reality show like Nach Baliye and you can’t be fake. People may like you for the time being but you can’t go anywhere with a fake background. You need to be genuine and you are what you are and with hard work one can reach their goals.

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