Ek Deewaana Tha 1st May 2018 Written Update

Ek Deewaana Tha 1st May 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Ek Deewaana Tha 1st May 2018 Written Episode

Radhika tells Akash to go this time. Your opinion towards temples will change. He asks her where the temple is. She ends up saying Kapali Hills. Akash sees some flashes from the past. He drops the coffee cup and pan on the floor. Radhika is taken aback to see it. Shivani hears the noise. Radhika asks Akash if his hand got burnt. He nods. He takes a step back and slips over coffee. Radhika falls on top of him in the process. Some more flashes are shown. Shivani sees them thus. Radhika tries getting up but her hand also slips because of spilled coffee on the floor. Shivani leaves from there.

Radhika and Akash get up. He says sorry to her. They both ask each other if they are fine. They nod. Akash heads to his room while she stays back to clean the mess on the floor.

Rajan and Madhi bring

Suvarna to a room. She screams loudly seeing something. Radhika hears her scream. Rajan covers Madhvi’s mouth. I have warned you not to act foolish. You will get us caught. They head towards the dark corner. Radhika walks in the direction of that room. She comes inside a room but does not find anyone there. She notices a secret passage and is taken aback to see it. Why was it hidden behind this cupboard? What is behind it? Maybe someone is there and I heard the scream coming from here only. She remembers KK’s words. Is that old woman here? She goes inside to find out herself. No one is in the room. She notices blood on the floor. She recalls that KK was near the window when he was hurt. Whose blood is it then? She again thinks of what KK had said. Something really strange is going on in the house. She walks deeper inside the room asking if someone is there. She turns around hearing some strange sound. She clears the window and notices Rajan and Madhvi keeping someone (Suvarna) in the trunk of the car. She hides to avoid being caught as she come back running inside. Rajan tells Madhvi to sleep quietly now. We got rid of a very big problem. Rajan suddenly notices the chain. Madhvi says I might have forgotten it here. Rajan speaks of removing all the clues that hint at someone’s presence in the house. They close the secret passage from outside.
Radhika is unable to open the door. Someone covers her mouth from behind just then and whispers Sharanya’s name in her ear. I have been waiting for you since years and you came to me yourself. She looks panic stricken.

Next morning, KK comes to the dining table and is looking in every corner for Radhika. Akash asks him who he is looking for. KK takes Radhika’s name. I will check on her. Akash says something. Shivani joins them. Akash asks about Radhika. Shivani replies sarcastically to whatever Akash or KK asks. KK guesses that maybe Shivani and Akash had a fight. They hear a scream.

Akash rushes to Radhika and holds her by her shoulders / face. What happened? Shivani seems unhappy. Akash holds Radhika’s hand asking her if she is fine. KK and Shivani don’t look comfortable. Akash again asks Radhika why she looks so scared. She begins to tell about what she witnessed last night. I saw an old woman there. KK thinks of Suvarna. Radhika says they took her somewhere. Her hands and legs were tied. Akash asks her about those people. Radhika goes quiet as Rajan and Madhvi come just then. Madhvi asks Radhika if she is fine. Shivani nods. She said she saw a woman in basement last night. Rajan asks her how she ended up there. Radhika tells him. Rajan tells her she is mistaken. There is only one way to reach basement and it is through Shivani’s room. She offers to prove it.

Radhika brings everyone to where the secret passage was. KK and Akash move the cupboard aside but they see no door there. Rajan repeats his words. Believe me when I say that this house is haunted. We must leave this house or anything can happen to anyone. KK agrees that there indeed is something strange about this house. We must leave it before something goes wrong.

The guy scratches the wall. You (Radhika) wont be able to leave the house even if you wish to. It is time to complete the incomplete story.

Precap: Madhvi and Rajan are worried thinking what will happen now that he knows everything. Radhika asks KK why the wall is so wet. KK shares that this was constructed last night itself so no one can see the door which she saw yester night. Rajan and Madhvi are certainly hiding a big secret.

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