Devanshi 31st October 2016 Written Update

Devanshi 31st October 2016 Written Update by Amena

Devanshi 31st October 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mohan getting angry seeing Devanshi. He recalls Kusum’s words and says Devanshi is his problem. He gets the knife and says he will not leave her tonight. He sees the idols and harvest sacks. He says you are protecting villagers’ grains, I m getting a nice idea. He says I will do such thing that even your family will be kicked out of the village. He goes and breaks the water pipe. The water leaks. Mohan says now it will be fun, when this water waves become a disaster for this grains, then grains will be ruined, people will get mad and then they will not leave Devanshi, she can’t even imagine this, but I m getting peace. He goes.

Water falls over Devanshi. She wakes up and says from where is she water coming. She sees the leaking water pipe and the grains
and idols kept away. She thinks even idols are kept here, the idols will get wet and break by water reaches there. She calls out Sarla and Omi. They are sleeping and do not hear her.

Devanshi recall Sarla’s words of not stepping out of the round. She thinks to do something first, else it will be big loss for Omi. She steps out of the round. She goes to stop the water. The water reaches the harvest. Devanshi first moves the idols and keeps away. She takes a sack and cloth to stop the water. She tries to throw water away. She prays to Maiyya and sits holding the pipe to stop the water flow.

Its morning, Ashutosh comes home and says how did water come here. He sees Devanshi lying on the water pipe and says what happened to you. He sees the broken water pipe. He kncoks door and asks Sarla and Omi to open door. He asks Omi to call doctor fast. Omi and Sarla ask what happened to her. Omi says Vaid will come, its all because of you, I told you many times not to torture her. Ashutosh asks what do you mean.

The ladies come and tell Sarla that water pipe has broken, the water supply ended. Sarla says that pipe passes by our house. Omi says my idols were there. Sarla says harvest was also there. They worry. Ashutosh says its all fine, Devanshi saves idols and harvest, she was sleeping on the pipe to stop the water. The lady says she is Devi’s ansh. Ashutosh says you are caring for loss, if anything happened to her then? He asks Omi to call Vaid again.

Golu shouts that beggar has come home. Its Gopi with foam on his body. Gopi says i m not beggar. Nutan says Golu, don’t call your Papa a beggar. Gopi says water ended in bathroom, so I came out. Golu laughs. Nutan says don’t laugh on Papa. Rajjo says I will send water for you. Gopi goes. Rajjo thinks Kusum will be coming back and will need water for bath.

Doctor checks Devanshi. He says its all because of water, her body got numb as she was lying in water all night, she did not get pneumonia, else it will be tough. Devanshi gets conscious. Sarla says she got conscious. Doctor/Vaid says now there is nothing to worry, give her medicines, rub her palms and feet, she will be fine till evening. He goes.

Sarla asks Devanshi how did this happen, tell everyone. The ladies look on. Devanshi tells everything how she stopped the water flow and saved harvest and idols. Sarla thinks I will use your doings as per my motive. She says Devanshi saved the village’s harvest along with Omi’s idols, she needs a praise, think if the harvest spoiled, the earnings of 6 months would have got waste, Devanshi did a big thing in such a little age. She did not care for her life and saved the village’s harvest. He calls her Maa Devanshi.

Mohan says I have to get ready. The man says the water piple has broken, some bad man would have done this. Mohan says fine. The man says its not fine, there is no water, Kusum is coming, if water does not come, it willl be big problem, Omi and Sarla’s daughter lied on the piple and did not care for her life, she saved the village’s harvest, she is special, I think she did big favor on village, she is Maiyya’s avatar. Mohan says send water for me. The man goes. Mohan says girl has sat on my kundli, no work is happening right. Sarla says my Devanshi is special, I m just namesake mother, her real mum is Maiyya. The ladies give Chadava. Sarla says whats the need for all this, but who am I to say between Devi and devotee. She makes Devanshi bless them. Omi feels bad. the ladies praise Devanshi. Sarla thinks this way i will make Devanshi so big that Kusum will fall short, I will take revenge and kick out Kusum from this village.

Devanshi gets kidnapped. Kusum says Devanshi will be in my feet in one hour.

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