Crazy Stupid Ishq 31st July 2013 Written Update

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Crazy Stupid Ishq 31st July 2013 Written Update by Jyo_Ksg

Crazy Stupid Ishq 31st July 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Episode begins with Shanaya and Ayaan at her place. Ayaan tells her to practice her singing skills and he’ll support her all through. She thinks of not singing properly so as to keep him with her. She sings out of tune and he keeps correcting her. He tells her to sing such a song which keeps her glued to it. She starts singing Tum Hi Ho from Ashiqui 2 which brings Pampi at the living room. Shanaya is singing but Pampi and Tullu lost in each other.
Shanaya notices Pampi and tonts Pampi for listening her song secretly..

Pampi gets embarassed and offers to make tea for both. Ayaan takes her leave and tells Shanaya that he may drink tea some other day. She comes to escort him out when he purposely shouts by saying bye to Shanaya so that Pampi hears it. Shanaya is surprised as if why is he shouting when she is already in front of him..
Pampi runs to her room to see Tullu leaving but as soon as he turns, she hides herself so that he doesn’t get to know about it.

Shanaya praises Ayaan and so does Pampi.

At home, Ishan shouts at Ayaan for morgaging their house for the company and starts blabbering stuffs about their father when he gets a tight slap by Ayaan on his face. Their mother is supporting Ishan. Ayaan tells him to be in his limits and not say a word against their father. Ishan exclaims Ayaan to morgage only his part of the property when Ayaan informs him that their whole house is on his name alone. Ishan gets back into his room shocked and starts breaking stuffs scaring his mother.

At office, Mannu is trying to flirt with Shanaya when she insults him and he gets angry. He teases her for getting scared of Vicky Singh her opposite lead singer when she shouts back saying Vicky is a ruthless man full of attitude. Vicky hears it and leaves from there angrily. Shanaya is happy to see him go.

Part 2

Pampi is informed by Punnu ji that Vicky has backed out from the contract and she runs to stop him. Vicky asks her why he wants him to not leave when the whole office is making fun of him. She assures him that no one will make fun of him and so don’t leave from there. He reminds her of the promise she made to him. He comes closer to her and holds her shoulders trying to get intimate. And there he gets a big smash on his face! Ayaan slaps him tight making him fall. Ayaan insults him and tells him to get lost.

Vicky exclaims Ayaan that whatever he did was with Anushka’s consent. This shocks Ayaan and Vicky warns to ruin Ayaan and his company.

Tullu scolds Pampi and asks her the real reason for convincing Vicky. She tells him that Vicky stayed back when she agreed to take care of his needs and be around him all the time. She starts cying as she didn’t know what Vicky meant until this day. Tullu shouts at her for agreeing it! She exclaims she did it for their Friendship when Ayaan exclaims saying that he doesn’t want to listen her friendship crap again.

Part 3

Pampi tells him that he would have done the same when he agrees saying he would have done so because he loves her. Ayaan pleads Pampi to agree that she loves him too because a person does all this only when he/she loves the other person.
She is numb and sobbing when Tullu wipes her tears and Pampi gets relieved with his soft touch on her face.

Ayaan is at a bar and feels Pampi’s dupatta on his face. He is happy to find her by his side in an Indian attire smiling wide.
Ayaan gets a call informing Ishan has fought with few goons and they all have surrounded him.
Ayaan gets Ishan back and exclaims him that from now on he is all by himself and that he wouldn’t help him in future.

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    I have been waiting for new updates since 1st August, but Allah knows better that what are you not writting new updates, please update all episodes from “Crazy Stupid Ishq”

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    I love Anushka she is really beautifull and georgouse, i wanna meet her really and marry her

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    July 31, 14:36 Reply

    Ishaan is such a brat!!!! N ayan’s mother,she’s a gone case…

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