Choti Si Zindagi – 31st August 2011 Written Update

brief update…

isha is at her desk searching for ira’s address on comp..but she doesnt find anything. she is sad. she looks at her pic…and think whenever i try to get close i get far away. She says help me GOD!

Indu tells manoj…sam loves isha. and manoj shocked. they are both upset. indu worries that soon truth is going to reveal itself…and she is scared. Manoj consoles her. her parents go to her room and ask ira what she is doing. ira wipes her tears and says i was thinking my room is boring .. so i wanted to change the set up of my room. ira says i m happy that both my good friends are happy with each other … so i should be happy as well. and ira says lets talk about something else…and then she herself keeps on talking about sam and isha.

Girish says i will talk to my manager right now…and he leaves and sam and tinu sitting together. and sam tells tinu ur business expansion plans can change our lives. and tinu says i have come to change ur life and sam uneasy. and then tinu asks u were telling me that day that ur life was going to change…so what happened. and sam says love. and tinu says love and hate both can change life. tinu says anyways..who is the lucky girl and sam says my childhood friend isha…and tinu is VERY SAD> and sam notices and say hey!! where are u lost. looks like u are also remembering someone. and tinu says when memories are good…they mean a lot. but bad memories…i dont think about love. My life goal is different. and tinu asks when are u getting married. and sam syas i promised isha that until her dream doesnt come true we wont get married and then sam tells tinu about isha. Revthi is saying..i couldnt even ask sam who the girl is who he loves. Indu walks in at the function with ira…but sees isha standing there…revthi finds out that sam is in love with RJ palak. isha has not seen indu with ira.

Pre-cap — isha comes to sam and is mad at him and she says sam u knew that ira is in this city?? and tinu is hiding watching them together.

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