Bigg Boss Season 9 31st December 2015 Written Update

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Bigg Boss Season 9 31st December 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss Season 9 31st December 2015 Written Episode

Day 81
Inmates wake up to song Disco dewane, they dance together.

Priya says Kishwar that Rishab did so much in task, he used slang for me, Nora says he did wrong, i did his searching and he said that my throat has got infection because Priya has tempered with it, nothing happened to him yesterday, he is doing it today, when he covered my face with blanket, i held his jacket’s collar in defense, Nora says it has become habit for Rishab to abuse girls, Suyyash says i stop him whenever he abuses with Mandana, Nora says if we behave like we behaved with Mandana after he violence then he will not do this again.

Bigg boss says to inmates that police team which include Kishwar, Rochelle, Priya and Prince should decide mutually and choose two inmates among them whom they want to make contenders for captaincy.
police team comes in bedroom, Rochelle says we did task well, i have extra point that i never became captain, Kishwar says its not valid as we are into finals now, Priya says we all did nice, Kishwar says if we dont choose then other team will get this chance, Priya says i dont want to lose this chance so we should pick chits.
Rishab says to Suyyash that Prince can become contender, suyyash says Prince exchanged position of diamonds and Priya had put oil on it, Rishab says i dont like Priya’s way of gameplaying, she thinks negative, Suyyash says you didnt do good with Priya yesterday, Rishab says Salman will tell that, Keith says you did wrong, Rishab says fine, Suyyash says you promised us that you wont say slang to girls till they dont then why you said slang to her? Rishab says if she irritates me then i will call her ***, Suyyash says you cant do it, give slang to Kishwar then i will see, Rishab says she hasnt done anything wrong with me.
Police team pick two chits, Prince and Rochelle are chosen for captaincy. In captaincy task, inmates of house will tie themselves using belt to the contender whom they want to support, the one who will get more support will become captain. Suyyash and Prince comes in confession, Prince says you, Nora, Kishwar are with me, Rochelle will get Priya, Keith.
Mandana says to Rochelle that you break rules. Priya says i will give support seeing game and i know who is my competition so i will give support according to that.
Priya gives support to Rochelle, Rochelle ties Mandana, Priya and Keith with her, Priya says what if Mandana beats me with belt?
Rishab discusses with Prince, he says it doesnt matter much whom i support.
Priya says i have taken decision strategically as whom i want in game, Keith says i know.

Rochelle says Kishwar that friendship time has ended, suppose if i have to nominate you or Prince then i will because game is in final stage, Mandana says i told this Priya that from beginning i dont bring friendship in game, rochelle says to Rishab that i dont have any animosity with you and you are not my direct competition, we can nominate weak inmates to eliminate them. Prince says to Priya that if you keep in house and eliminate me in death end of show then it will be your benefit only, all hoot listening this.

Rishab says to camera that i dont have friendship with cool group but i am Prince’s friend thats why i supported him but i dont want Rochelle to think later that she never became captain in BB house so i wanna give my support to Rochelle, he hugs Prince and ties his belt to Rochelle’s, Priya says if he is here then i will leave, Rishab says to Rochelle that if she keep blabbering things then i will leave, Rochelle folds her hand and ask Priya to give valid reason, Priya says valid reason that i wanna support Prince and i know my last decision, i just want to experience that side too, she goes to Prince’s side, Riwshab says to Keith that she wanna be in goodbooks of cool group. Priya says i will take decisions for myself.
Rochelle says to Kishwar and Suyyash that i have never become captain so decide quickly, Prince says why she is talking to Nora? Rochelle says i havent talked to her but Kishwar who is my friend, Priya says to Rochelle that i think being with Prince is good for me so i will be with him now.

buzzer plays, Prince wins task, Rochelle starts crying, Keith hugs her and consoles her. Bigg boss says Prince got more support so Prince is new captain of house, he congratulate Prince, Mandana ask Rochelle to not cry, Prince comes to Rochelle, Rochelle congratulates him and says dont talk to me, she leaves. Prince says to Kishwar that if it was 2, 3 weeks back then i would have given her captaincy.
Mandana says to Rochelle that Priya wants to be in cool group as majority is there, Rochelle says i am not part of cool group now, when you and Suyyash were competing for captaincy, it was Kishwar who said things like to give chance to Suyyash as he hasnt become captain much, but when i wanted to be captain because i have never become captain then it is not valid reason? Prince says if it was some earlier week then i would have given chance, Rochelle says this was valid till last week not now? is it fair? Prince says its about game, Rochelle says Suyyash and Kishwar said last week that Rochelle have to become captain, Prince says Salman said that dont think about relations now, Rochelle says but she thought about relation with you at this time too, Prince says this is time when everyone will nominate each other, i thought Mandana, Keith, Rishab and Priya will be with you so you would have won, Priya came to me for her benefit and if you had become captain then i wouldnt have this attitude like yours rightnow, Rochelle says i congratulated you, Prince says your tone was not nice, Rochelle says you are strong in house, you became captain again, Prince says nothing like that, i may leave this week.

Inmates get the dresses which they ordered for new year function, everyone is happy and takes their clothes.

Garden area is decorated, inmates come and sit on tables, Sidharth Shukla comes in house and meets everyone,. Sidharth comes on stage and welcomes everyone, he wishes new year, Sidharth says you all will get awards basis on market survey, He says to inmates that you dont get to know much whats happening outside so i have brought Tv for you, he opens Tv and Guthi comes on it, all hoot seeing her, Suyyash says Guthi i love you, Guthi says this is lust not love, everyone laughs, she says to Rishab that you are alone in house trying to set up a girl but cant, why dont you ask Bigg boss to let you go, you will keep washing your hairs only, guthi ask Sidharth if she can greet Bigg boss? he says why you are asking me? she says channel asked me to keep asking you things inbetween, she greets bigg boss, Bigg boss greets her back, she says it seems like Bigg boss talk while sitting in drum, all laugh, she ask Bigg boss to say something again, Bigg boss doesnt, Guthi says he doesnt want to get roasted, Guthi says to inmates that i will tell you news, Salman asked me to become ghalat-friend of him, Sidharth says its girlfriend, Guthi says news is that all are irritated with Princes kisses, his kissing speed is 10 miles per house, Prince laughs hard., Tv authorities said from next year the one who doesnt know this art will not work on tv, he said this in english to make Mandana, Nora and Rochelle agree to his kisses, all laugh, she says Ministry of water said that whatever Keith and Rochelle have done in bathroom to save water is great, next news is that because of Priya’s comments, some people started fighting then watchman came and took cow from there for which this fight was all done, everyone laughs at this, watchman also said this is not topic to comment or fight, someone said if you want Aman(peace) then why did you eliminate Aman Varma? all laugh, Guthi says if Mandana and Priya was locked in room then there would have been peace in whole house, all laugh, Priya gives hi-5 to Mandana, Guthi says Big boss said that if i agree to marriage then he will show face but i am sorry i have committed to Salman Khan and once i commit, i dont even listen to Salman, she says new time has ended, she leaves.
Sidharth says first award is Bhukkar/hungry award, Guthi comes in house to give award. she says Rishab and Prince are nominees to get award of foodie/hungry/bhukkar, Prince and Rishab hugs friendly and comes on stage, Guthi says Prince and Rishab are nominees, he ask who is more Bhukkar? all say Rishab, Guthi gives one piece of cake to Prince and smashes whole cake on Rishab’s face, Mandana laughs hard at this, Guthi runs while Prince and Rishab runs behind her, she leaves house, Rishab says Guthi i will see you outside. Sidharth says next award is “kaano tak khoon”(blood till ears), he says this award is for person who speak so much that other person’s ears start bleeding, all say its for Priya, Sidharth calls Priya on stage and gives her award, Priya says i wanna thank God for making me so irritating and made my vocal chord like it can bring blood anyone’s ears. Sidharth says next award chori/stealing award and its for none other than Mandana but award is already stolen, sidharth says Mandana you are so beautiful then why you steal things? she says i steal hearts, he says then whats the need to steals hearts, he says if you dont mind can i dance with you? she says ofcourse, Sidharth and Mandana closely dances with each other on chori Kiya re jiya, everyone claps. Sidharth says there is always dance performance inbetween award show so Ada Khan is coming from Nagin’s set to entertain you, Ada Khan comes in house in veil on palanquin, she takes off her veil, all hoot for her, Ada Khan dances on Mera naam mary hai, she then dances on Tukkur Tukkur song, Ada Khan comes to contestants, she dances with all inmates, she meets everyone, hugs them and leaves.
Sidharth says welcome back Guthi. Guthi comes in house, Guthi says you guys dont know whats happening on Tv so let me show you a famous show Nagin, Tv is switched on, guthi wears Mandana’s headband and acts like Nagin and Sapera. Sepera ask Nagin to go and work in bank, she says i cant because i am Nag-hin, all laugh, show ends, Guthi says pairs are created in house so i want to make my pair, i tried on Salman but it didnt workout so i want to try on Bigg boss as i know Bigg boss have eye on me, Bigg boss says i dont eye anyone, everyone laughs and hoots for Bigg boss, Guthi says he watches me from hiding so he does have eye on me, i feel his height is of 3feet thats why he doesnt come out, she says lets try someone else, she calls Prince and says what i dont have which Nora has? Nora laughs at this, she says i can do more good belly dance than Nora, she calls Nora on stage. she tells Nora that i and you have belly dance face-off, Nora starts Belly dancing on Manma emotion jaage re, then Guthi funnily does belly dance, everyone hoots for Nora, Guthi hugs Nora and says very well done.
Sidharth says next award is couple award, nominees are Kishwar-Suyyash, Keith-Rochelle and Nora-Prince. Guthi says i feel Prince and Suyyash should be winner of this award, they laugh, Prince and suyyash hugs each other, they get their photo as award, Sidharth says coupl should dance too, Meri aashiqui tumse hi plays, all laugh, Prince lifts Suyyash and dances, Suyyash closely dances with Prince, Nora, Kishwar comes stage, they dance with them, Keith dances with Rochelle.
Sidharth says next award is “bahar mil phir batata hun”(meet me outside then i will tell you), Guthi says i will give this award before Bigg boss throws me out of house, Sidharth says Rishab is winner of this award, all hoot, Rishab says why you all hate me so much, Sidharth gives award to him. Sidharth says now award is most fashionable male and female and winners are Keith and Rochelle, Keith and Rochelle comes stage and get their awards.
sidharth says we will play song which was hit in 2015, Guthi says most famous song or s*xy song will play, i will dance on it with Rishab and Keith, Guthi romantically and funnily dances with Keith and Rishab on Tumhe apna banane ka junoon, Keith acts like dying after hugging Guthi, Rishab takes off Guthi’s dupatta and covers Keiths’s face with it, Keith gives kiss to guthi on cheeks, Rishab does push-ups with guthi sitting on his back, all laugh, Guthi and Sidharth meets everyone, Bigg boss thanks Sidharth and Guthi for coming, Guthi sings and dances with hum aye hain apke ghar, Guthi wishes new year, they leave.
Happy new year to all the readers.

PRECAP- Bigg boss says to inmates that at end of task one inmate will get nominated for whole season. Rochelle says game is different, friendship is different. There is one trophy, inmates have to pass it to each other and the one who will be passed the trophy will get nominated for whole season. Kishwar says to Prince that whom you think is your competition, give trophy to him and nominate him or her. Rochelle says to Rishab and Keith that for this task, i am target, Prince says to Kishwar that if i get trophy then i will give it to Keith. kishwar says to Rochelle that if i have to choose between you or Prince then definitely Prince is above than you for me, Rochelle says you have hurt me the most. Nora gives trophy to Mandana and says you are fake, Mandana says you are in wrong show, this is Bigg boss not saas-bahu saga. Rochelle shouts on inmates that i am not wrong, she cries and leaves. Rochelle says everyone is attacking me, i was sure of it.

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