5 Reasons You Are ‘Arnav’ Of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

The show that made Barun Sobti a household name, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND), showcased his character Arnav in various shades. From an arrogant rich brat to an understanding husband, his character went through many ups and downs. Even though the popular soap has wrapped up, audiences still remember the character very well. We are here to give you five reasons on why you could be Arnav of IPKKND. Take a look:

You are from a privileged background: If you’re from a privileged family and have lived a life of luxury, you can definitely understand Arnav better. While some may have been friends with you for your luxury, others might have stuck with you for your family name so they can use it for their selfish needs. Ouch. Just like how Arnav had to face many fake people before meeting the kind and caring Khushi, you might have had to struggle a lot too. Right?

You’re close to your sister: Barun’s Arnav doted on his sweet-natured sister Anjali. He even got into a contractual marriage with Khushi to protect his sister’s family life from getting disrupted. If you are a selfless brother like our hero, you could very well swap places with him. In fact, before Khushi entered his life, Arnav’s only close bond with his sister. It made women all over the country go ‘awww’, and rightly so!

You take time to realize what love is: Considering your luxurious background, you might have had many ‘flings’, but never a proper relationship based on ‘love’. Arnav was like that too, before he fell head over heels for the warm and beautiful Khushi. If you have issues understanding real love and have been a hopeless boyfriend all your life, time to look for your Khushi. Both literally and figuratively.

If you hate confrontations: If Arnav had confronted Khushi, when he saw her with his sister’s husband, he would have saved us a lot of heartache. If you too have major issues accepting reality and confronting people about it, you’re so like our hero. It’s always a good idea to state things clearly and get it done with. Don’t get snuffed into the mad world of confusions.

If you are mysterious and charming: We all know that Arnav has many shades to his personality. He is not completely ‘white’ or ‘black’, but a tinged shade of ‘grey’. He is definitely unlike many of our primetime heroes. But what makes him stand out is his mysterious personality and charming behavior. If you are also suave, slightly flawed, yet good natured and are not afraid to take a chance on people, you are very much like this hero. Is there any other traits that match between you and Arnav? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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    thanks admin 🙂 for this reason

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